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    As a waste, please dispose me in proper manner!

    As a waste,I always create some problems when you throw me or dispose me improper manner. I can create a quarrel with your neighbors,I may be cause of several diseases,I may be cause of creating abundant butterflies and Mosquitoes that may lead many problems.So dispose me in a proper way so that municipal people will take an appropriate action.I am a waste but I can be useful for several things I can turn into manure for your crops,I can turn into electricity and can be useful for many things.So please change my name waste into useful waste.Knowledgeable members,please respond to the question.
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    Waste can be converted to useful item. True. Nowadays lot of awareness is created in the public by Government about clean India. Everybody is responding positively. Majority of people are not throwing the waste on the roads. They are collecting in the bins and giving to the waste collecting person. Not only in cities and towns but also in villages I have noticed this change. In our native village if any function in anybody's house, the panchayati will send you a waste collecting vehicle. You can load it and once it is full the person will come and take it away and will keep another vehicle for collection.It is very good to notice.
    As explained by the author we will get into problems if we don't manage the waste properly. Throwing it out on the road will spoil the hygiene and can create ill health to the people staying in that area. hence waste management is very important and it should be treated properly.

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    Either too we were discarding the waste without much caring. Thanks to the effort of our PM Narender Modi, and his Swachh Bharath Mission, the local municipalities have now provided each house with two buckets like green and blue color ones. The house holds are advised to put the wet and dry waste in separate so that while collecting the same they segregate the waste at the source itself and the dry waste is directly taken to the energy manufacturing unit from waste and thus electricity is produced. In Hyderabad wide publicity is given to the locals by the GHMC by giving two buckets to each house for putting Thadi Chettha that means wet waste, and one for Podi Chettha , that means dry waste. The collecting boys were given vehicles and they are knocking the house at wee hours of the morning and collecting the waste.
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    In many places people without any care throwing the wastage, garbage and food items into one dustbin that too from long distance and without caring that they are spilling out on the road. Will we do like this within our house? In many hospitals they are keeping two dust bins each for waste food items and medical items. But there too people put everything into one and make the hospital staff to shrink their face. We nobody think that the cleaning persons also like us human beings. Similarly the throwing of unused food bought from hotels like sambar chutney packets on roads (as thinking they are throwing into the dustbin) which are splashed on the road and spoil the situation. For this we should tell the hotel people not to pack the unwanted quantity and items as the same may be used for some other needy people. I shed tears by seeing such wastage on the road as many poor food needed people thronging on the roads.

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    Waste management is very important to live a healthy and hygienic life. Waste materials should be disposed properly in the dustbins. It should not be thrown onto roads. Because then it could lead to harmful diseases. If we want to have cleanliness on roads, we should start with ourselves first. "If you want to make a change, be one", because then only you can ask and teach people to follow that.
    Awareness regarding this needs to be created among the illiterate people, they should be taught about cleanliness and how to maintain hygiene in home as well as on roads and outside places.

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