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    Is there any time-frame fixed to announce results?

    We all must appreciate the management for declaring many of the results like ToW, Star of the Week, Star of the Month, Star of the Year, Wizards, Super Contributors, Rising Star, Twinkling Star, etc. on time or sometimes within a permissible deviation limits. Results of the contests, which are being conducted as per the prevailing occasions / events, are also being declared without much time.

    But I have observed a small lacunae in Articles Section in which the contests are being conducted nowadays frequently whereas the results are not being declared. For example: a contest was conducted on the subject " Best ways to ___ " in Articles Section for which 17th July 2017 was the last date and the result for the same has not yet been declared.

    In this regard I would like to know, "Is there any time-frame fixed to announce results?" to articles section as well as other sections.
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    Time frame for contest in articles is a little difficult. Because they don't have any idea before announcing the contest about number of articles that will be submitted. All the articles are to be first reviewed, if there is any deviation in formatting or linking the concerned author is to be informed. The author has to respond and again the article is to be reviewed. Once reviewing over they will approve the articles and start scrutinising the articles to select the best article. I don't know how many will read and give their decision. Finally the ME has to take a decision on the final winners and announce the result. In my opinion it will take minimum two months once you announce the contest.
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    The author may know that the article section is the back bone of this site and the most of revenue is earned through the best articles written by members and approved by the editors. Normally each article get at least two to three days to review and approve. When it is contest period, the entries would be more and the work for the editors also increase. They have to see for original content, good heading, apt summary and above all interesting body content and thus while approving articles on contest, much time would be taken. Moreover all the editors are members first and then editors next. That means they have to see for their own contributions , maintain the tempo of their share in the ISC data compliance and also do the editing work. Nevertheless those who are regular members and are used to to the articles submission guidelines the approval would be fast.
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