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    Do you devote some time for social cause?

    We are always busy, doing something or the other. We spend a lot of time at our workplace. It is necessary as well as it is the main source of our livelihood. We spend some time with our family and friends and also spare some time for entertainment. We do these willingly as we get financial freedom and mental satisfaction.
    However, besides all these, we have a society where we live and get many services that make our lives easy and comfortable. What do we give in return?

    My question is do we spare some of our time for our society also? Do we do anything for social cause? Do we do it daily, weekly or monthly?

    As for myself, I get some extra time only on weekends. I have made it a point to teach some children of our locality. Its a voluntary service and that is my humble contribution to our society and its people.
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    Since the beginning of my college days in mid-eighties till the end of 2002, I had been actively assoicated with various social and cultural activities and in science movement in various places where I stayed (including Calcutta and Delhi). However, in January 2003, I shifted to my newly-purchased flat at Dwarka in Delhi. At that time, there was absolutely no social and cultural activities at that place. So, I had to discontinue my 'other' activities with a heavy heart. Presently I am again associated with social activities, but in a very limited manner.
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    For every responsible citizen it a necessity to spare some time for social service. My daughter in law used to work in teach for India as volunteer. we give some old clothes and some books to the nearby orphan home. I donate some money to NGOs working for social cause. I donate some money to the children of poor for their school fees. In our house we teach some small children who can't afford to go to corporate school for preparing for their entrance tests.All we do is like a squirrel to Rama for constructing the bridge across the sea.
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    Yes when ever I have the time , I make sure to visit those who are at the hospital and longing to meet me. If the sick people are met, they feel that they got real energy and even think that they would recover fast. Please understand that those who are hospitals would eagerly wait for that 4 pm to 6 pm slot during which visitors are allowed and they love to meet relatives and well wishes and friends. But just imagine if we wont go and see them. They feel rejected and dejected and that thinking would further deteriorate their life. And I also feel like engaging with small children. I ask them questions out of their portions and see how best they observe the things. I used to ask them while going to school what important places are on the way like hospitals, buildings, parks etc. That will show their observing capacity. And also give some sort of moral lessons to children who feel like meeting me on Sundays.
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    I do not donate to any charity and so. But I do some type of such things at my workplace. In a month or so, I get sometimes some chocolates or some sweet dish for the guards and the lady workers, and then distribute them together. It feels really happy to make people happy like this. One should follow the quote "Make someone happy everyday." Giving a small chocolate also can give them happiness and make their day.
    Whosoever meets you, asks for something, seek for help, give them your help and affection, it depicts goodness and gentleness of your own nature.

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    You're doing a very good job. I think everyone needs to help each other with the little they can afford.
    Have I participated in any yet? No, unfortunately. I am leading a busy packed schedule as of now but I am planning to do so in future.
    Hey, but I do one thing though, does helping animals come under a social welfare? I clean up the dead animals(usually small rodents) sometimes in my neighborhood. I rescued few injured animals earlier.

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    Of course, it is a social service. I appreciate you for taking part in "Swacch Bharat Mission" . Your action would certainly keep the people living in the neighbourhood free from many diseases.

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