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    Why we always go for foreign brand items.

    These days everybody wants to purchase branded items that to foreign brands. This trend is more in youth. Because of this attitude lot of our money is going out and value of Indian rupee is coming down. When we got freedom the rupee value is equal to one dollar. Today the dollar value is above 60 rupees. See the position of Indian currency. For this Who is responsible. Government is not at all responsible. All The citizens ofIndia are only responsible for this. We all go for foreign items. Instead of that if we go for made in India items that will save Indian rupee from further losing its value. If you stop purchasing foreign items for one month Indian economy will be back on rails and rupee value will increase.
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    Well I appreciate the author for stressing to manufacture and buy only Indian products and that has become a prestige issue for every one now. But the problem what we are facing today that , we are habituated to foreign brands till today and there many products to which there is no substitute or equivalent version of desi products. In that case there is no option but to consider the foreign brands. I was watching closely the advertising campaign of Hindustan Lever in recent past. After Patanjali products giving big blow to their every product in the name of Ayurveda and cashing on the markets already established by Lever, that company has now started giving ads that their soaps are also made from Ayur ways and by simply having leaves mentioned on the pack does not guarantee the real ayur quality ? That is the cowardice attitude of foreign brands.
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    We rather believe our own self believe others. Moreover our people strongly believe that if the price is less it is poor quality and if the price is high the quality is maintained well. I bought a kilogram bindi in roadside shop for Rs.35 per kilo but the same has been bought by my neighbor for 75 per kilo in a Pazhamuthir solai, an AC vegetable shop just half kilometer from my shop. But my neighbor strongly argued that his bought out was of good quality more than mine. I without any argument, accepted as he spend his own money. Similarly before 95 years colgate people advertised as,' why should you people use charcoal and salt to clean your teeth, use our paste for your best maintenance of teeth'. But now the same colgate is advertising with 'whether your paste contains charcoal and salt'. So, it took 95 years to them to realize what we did is correct. Similar to that only we have been addicted ourselves by strongly arguing that the foreign brand items are superior than ours. It is a simple example for tooth paste but many items we are cheating ourselves like this.

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    I completely agree with the point that people are going up more for foreign brands rather than the Indian brands, it is because most people consider, that what costs high is actually having a good quality as well. While some people take it as a sign of "Hi Fi" living standard to purchase and use foreign products. The main cause behind this could be one more and that is "Increasing Adulteration" in our Indian goods. Today we can see everywhere, in almost all shops and big markets, people see a lot of mixing of harmful even chemicals and unnecessary ingredients to the raw foods. Every day some or the other such news is coming in media regarding this. While on other hand, all foreign goods demonstrate and show the purity of their products and people blindly trust that. There is on very big example I would take here is "Amway" - a very famous name among Multi Level Marketing terms. People are blindly using its products, just because they say that their products are completely pure and their live demonstration reveals it, and people follow it. In-spite of knowing that its a foreign brand, and it is selling its products in India, to have a name, fame and a huge earning. But people looking for quality are just going behind it and also investing their money a lot. Definitely we need to blame our own people for this, because we the citizens first started it, and the masses start to follow. Amway is a business, and it is growing steadily in India , with hope they say that you will get financial security and a good earning in return from the buyers and manufacturers.
    We surely need to re-look and re- organize things and make people understand the benefits of Indian goods and stop showcasing wrong about our own country to achieve this.

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