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    Depression - A Serious threat for society.

    Now a days depression has become a very common but serious problem in our society. Here you will find out the views of site members on this psychological problem.

    In this era of machines and technology, we all are happy that we are progressing. But are we really happy? Our young generation is getting self centered and addictive to technology, which has given rise to a serious problem that is Depression. Is there are ways to overcome such problems??
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    Hear me out. Depression is now acknowledged by leading psychologists as a mental disorder which requires treatment or therapy. Depression according to me is a sudden fall of one's self-esteem. So, how to treat depression? By strengthening one's self-esteem. Encourage depressed people to do and be better in life. It helps them improve their condition gradually. I'm against use of anti-depressants. They give horrible side-effects. I don't think technology has anything to do with depression. If anything, it helps us fight depression better.
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    Depression is a situation wherein the effected person is not able to understand anything, words by other people feels like a curse to them , especially if it is not in their liking or something is against them. It happens when somebody asks you to follow and do something, which is against your views and thinking and people keep pinching you on that, that leads to depression. Depression occurs out of loneliness also. If somebody gets such sort of a feeling, they should first be taken for appropriate Counselling. Motivation and talking about things which are in the benefit of such people will help them to come out of depression.
    I also do not think that technological advancements is the reason behind depression. Rather, a negative attitude or being harassed in any situation can lead to depressions.

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    Depression is a thinking of individual about his incapacitance. When a person think that he can't do anything and his life is a waste. So he will be always thinking about that aspect only. Because of this nature they can't concentrate on anything and finally see the defeat. If somebody tries to tell him something, those words he will not accept and he feels that others are deceiving him. If anybody is having an ambition and if he is not able to achieve it or not able to perform to achieve it, he will become depressed. Depression is so bad that it may lead to suicide thoughts also. So we should be very careful with those persons. We should take him to a good psychiatrist and get him the required counseling and medication. My father in his age of 60 got depressed very much. I have taken him to a good psychiatrist . He treated him well and he is cured. My father is now 84 years and performing all activities on his own.
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