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    Topic for TOW monthly contest for August 2017 - More or less

    Here's the topic on which to submit your creative thoughts on a given topic: More or less.

    For the benefit of new members some info: on the last Sunday of each month, a specific topic is given to members on which to pen their unique thoughts. From the entries, we select the best ones and give cash awards with accompanying points. Other than the main prize of a cash reward of Rs 60/- and 60 points, we also award a Special Prize to other good entries, with a cash prize of Rs. 40/- and 40 points.

    How to submit your entry:
    1. Submit a forum thread on the topic 'More or less' in the appropriate category.
    2. Post the URL of the thread (with a clickable link) in a response in this announcement threaed to be considered as an entry for this contest.
    3. Only one entry per member is allowed.
    4. Do not submit lengthy threads like is done for an article. Just keep it as concise as possible.

    Closing date for the entries is 2nd September 2017.

    Be creative and think out of the box!
  • #607059
    Here is my entry for the contest of the month

    Age-old people are more or less like children

  • #607080
    This is my entry for the contest

    "More or less if we connect with nature we will be rewarded by it accordingly."

  • #607089
    Here is the entry from my side :

    Why we ask little more and never less even though the vendor serves with right weight ?

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • #607108
    My humble submission:
    "More or less same"- This statement has no significance in competitive examination

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • #607110
    My entry for the contest:
    CGLE 2017 Tier-I cut off will be more or less 135 marks for OC category

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

  • #607127
    My entry for the competition:
    Life is not always more or less the same

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

  • #607149
    Here is my entry for the contest,
    The aspiration of majority of politicians will be more or less the same- power

    always confident

  • #607170
    Here's my entry

    I'm alive,more or less

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • #607198
    Here is my entries:

    More or less we have a writer hidden deep inside

  • #607211
    My entry for the contest:
    More or less efforts are needed from every citizen to save our environment .

  • #607242
    My article for this contest is as follows :

    Luck is more or less not the same with everyone.

    Do what inspires you !!

  • #607244
    @Vandana Mam : Please help me.. how do I have to make my entry above as link... I am not able to understand how to get the tags to do so. I hope my topic will be considered for the contest...

    Appreciate your response on this.

    Do what inspires you !!

  • #607245
    You have made a mistake while writing the name of our dear M.E . It should be 'Vandana' and not 'Vandan' as written by you.
    Kindly edit your post.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

  • #607248
    I have made the corrections Nomita. Thanks for pointing out. I just wrote in hurry, apologizing for this.
    Do what inspires you !!

  • #607251
    Pooja, please search as HTML tag for links in Google you can find it there.

    In the pace of url, you should copy and paste the URL of your thread and where the link text is shown, there you should enter the sentence that is seen clickable for others.

  • #607253
    @George Thomas : Thanks , I was able to make it, and it worked. I was aware of the tags, but was not sure if simply giving anchor tag for the link will work here. :) Then got to know that they already have HTML formatting here in place.
    Do what inspires you !!

  • #607256
    I give below the link for my entry to this TOW contest:
    More or less, matters in how we live- for benefit of others or for our own selfishness.

  • #607354
    Dear editors,

    Is there any word limit to this ? Is anything till 400 words ok?

  • #607360
    Jignesh - Yes, that is fine. Although we do not have any word limit, as stated in the instructions, we prefer not to have lengthy text like it is for an article. We just want it to be concise and, like any other forum thread, to the point. Even a short 200 to 250-word write up is good. The length of the text will not be the determining factor for deciding the prize winners.

    Pooja - Please avoid putting those smiley emoticons anywhere, not even in the forum. We do not permit it, simply to encourage proper writing and not shortened cell-phone type language.

    Everyone - it would be good to mention at the end of your forum thread that it is an entry for the TOW contest so that others who read it are aware of it being a contest entry.

    Hoping to see another dozen more entries at least before closing time!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

  • #607376
    @Vandana Mam : Sure , will not add any emoticons from now on. I will take care of this.
    Do what inspires you !!

  • #607381
    Here is my entry for the Competition
    Success and Failure are more or less resembles a sine curve in a graph

    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

  • #607421
    Please find below the link for my entry-
    No need to judge others- we are more or less same


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • #607423
    My entry for the contest is :
    Be active more or less in social welfare .

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #607429
    My entry for this TOW is mentioned below.

    My TOW entry

  • #607434
    My entry for the contest:

    Parents have more or less sacrificed their youthful days for the happiness of their Children

  • #607445
    This is my come back entry after a break of 50 days and it really made me more or less to reach roof top
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

  • #607484
    Here is my entry
    More or less the religionwise integrity is there in our country

  • #607513
    Onam festival is 'more or less' an agriculture related festival.
    The season of Onam in Kerala falls in the month when the paddy harvest is over. As per the agricultural system followed in Kerala the harvest is during the month Makaram. Chingam is the next month when the Onam is celebrated. Other vegetables, especially the large sized plantain ( nenthra kaya) will be also ready for harvesting. This is one of the major item 'more or less' used by everybody in the form of certain curries, fried chips, boiled cut pieces of ripe banana (pazha nuruk).
    Other types of vegetables also will be ready for harvesting and using for the Onam feast. This will include cucumber, peas, melons, etc. In short during this Onam days most of the local grown vegetables will be there in the compounds of Malayalees.
    In addition to these it was during this season the household utensils made out of branches of trees, bamboo trees, grass, coconut shells and outer skin (from which coir and voir products are made).
    During Onam children and youth use the paddy fields as their play ground, since the harvest will be over by that time. This indicate that Onam is highly connected with agricultural activities. Hence this celebration is ' more or less' considered as agri-related festival.


  • #607555
    Hi, this is my entry for TOW contest.
    Crimes are more or less the same

    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

  • #607571
    Here is my entry for the TOW contest

    Our Attitude Towards Women is More or Less Same

  • #607602
    This is my entry Attcahment should be more or less

  • #607610
    Please find my entry below for the TOW contest.

    What gives greater pleasure, having more or less?

  • #607628
    my entry

    More or Less Everyone learns to compromise

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • #607629
    My humble entry:
    More or less, all of us are the same

    Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

  • #607704
    This is my entry for TOW contest of the month-
    Life is more or less an illusion

  • #607728
    Here is my entry:
    Mistakes are part of human; more or less, they are the lessons of the life


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