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    Think more than twice before throwing any items from our house.

    We people nowadays, started to live by throwing out the items which are not useful at the present moment, without intention of later usage. We have many items used by our grand parents and parents in our house in spite of many our relatives asked us not to dump with old items. For example one sitting wooden plank which was shaped as tortoise is in our house (I don not know even now who used that)But now only I read in one book that the tortoise shaped plank is good for meditation etc., as the same was used before 100 years. Similarly we should think more than twice before throwing out any thing from our house as the same may be useful to us on any situation. Second only we kept the grinding stone called 'ammi' in our house since my grand mother. Though many our housemates knows the usage of the same kept aside in one corner. One day some function was celebrated in our house by calling our close relatives but all of sudden the current went off due to some fire in nearby transformer. Though many food items prepared some grinding items for vada and chutney kept pending and people who in the cooking job went panic but my wife suddenly drag the grinding stone and finished the grinding work fast. We have to think more than twice before throwing any items from our house.
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    Yes, i agree with the author completely that one must think twice before throwing any item from our house, as some of the things are of ancestoral origin and our ancestors were very positive thinkers. They know the value of money and hence never invest money on unnecessary items. One such item, i remember that is sofaset which my grandfather ordered, is still the same as the wood used is of very fine and superior quality.

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    Use and throw culture has taken over us in the present days. 'Throwing' becomes faster because of fast obsolescence.
    Earlier everything was reused or recycled in another way. We were able to do so because there was stability and standard. Commonly used appliances were all made subject to common standards. So irrespective of the manufacturer, servicing was possible anywhere and spares were also possible. So people could re use defective appliances by getting them repaired. Even after its extended life time it could be sold for scrap value. Some useful components could be extracted and reused elsewhere.

    Now the sole aim is profit. So durability and stability is not a concern. Manufacturers and traders want fast churning. So they do not promote spares nor they make things under common standard. Within short period a new model is made with very minute changes, but marketed as most modern , and tempting people to throw the previous model.

    Slowly this has spread to dealings human beings and relationships also. Old parents are thrown out.Spouses are thrown out after some period and new relationships made.

    However what we are not realising is that one day even w get thrown out.

    Only the sou is permanent.
    In this regard, Bhagavat Gita holds more relevance now, because it has predicted thousands of years that only 'soul' is permanent and soul 'sheds' the physical body to take up anew body. Our physical body gets thrown out by the permanent soul like a person sheds old worn out clothes and adorns a new one.

    The relevant Gita verse is as below:

    "vasansi jeernaani yathaa vihaaya
    navani grihnati naro parani
    tathaa sharirani vihaya jeernany
    anyani sanyati navaani dehi "

    (As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, similarly, the soul accepts new material bodies, giving up the old worn out and useless ones.)

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    True. In this modern ages we all think that old items in the house are not useful now and try to dispose of it. But as mentioned by the author we all should think about throwing those items before taking a final decision. I had a cot in my house. It belongs to my grand father's father. Very good wood is used and the carvings were excellent. But it occupies lot of area. Even then I thought that the quality of wood is very good and we may not get that good wood these days, I preserved it.
    Every item will have its own usefulness. we may be getting mechanised items these days but old versions should be kept in the house without throwing it out as it may come in handy on one day. But if you go on keeping everything with you the house will become too crowded. So I fully agree with author's statement of think more than twice before throwing any items from our house.

    always confident

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    There is an old saying I have often heard from my elders, "If you keep something; it would keep you in the hour of need,." They said that we should think twice before disposing off something from the house as we may need it at any other time in future and then we have either to buy it anew or go without it. Therefore, it is the best practice to keep the old things as we don't know when we would need them.
    But in modern days, space in almost every house is very limited and so the things which have become obsolete cannot be preserved for long. Hence, we are compelled to either exchange them at a much lower value or simply sell them out to the junk dealers.
    But it has one good side as well. In the days of bitter unemployment, many junk dealers are making a living with our discarded items.:)

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Yes, very good post initiated by the author. Once we used to put small gold god idols in pooja room as we performed pooja so large quantity of unwanted things dispersed in the room as we used to clean up the things unexpectedly those small idols are also mixed with that and thrown away as we lost small quantity of gold in that,
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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