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    Age-old people are more or less like children

    Generally we come across in almost of all the houses age-old people and the torture (said to be) being given by them to the other inmates of the house. The age-old people intervene in almost of all the discussions carried out in front of them (whether they know the depth of the subject or not) which is not at all being accepted by the present generation. Age-old people feel that it is their right to intervene with the ongoing discussions and are very much curious to be on upper hand to get the better result / solution for their own people. But the present generation is not in a position to take up the suggestions given by the age-old people and keeping them away, which is not at all a rightful activity.

    Further, some people are of present generation (having soft corner of mind) state the age-old people are More or Less like children keeping in view of their behaviour, food habits, etc. But yes, one should note that the age-old people are more or less like children but they are not the children: they do right things with their ample experience; they wanted to finish off the things in accurate and perfect manner. They know that the result would be otherwise, even if a small mistake takes place during the process and to avoid the negativity, the age-old people repeatedly warns about the accuracy. Suggestions given by them are so much valuable as they unveil the solutions out of their experience of life time. Let us try to follow and implement the suggestions given by the generation of More or Less children so that success could be ours and happiness is theirs, else we may feel very sorry one day when they are away from us.

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    Old people sometime behave like children, but I feel that it is 'logical' and 'justified'. For example, my father has been very fond of Hilsha fish throughout his life. During his childhood in present Bangladesh (then a part of undivided India), he used to relish the best Hilsha fish of the world. However, during his youth and middle-age, he had to struggle a lot and could not afford to have Hilsha regularly. Now, at an age of 87, he can't take Hilsha fish much (sometime only one small piece each in morning and at night). But even then, during monsoon, he regularly brings Hilsha from the market, which has now become the costliest fish consumed by the Bengalis. Sometime he gives cooked Hilsha to the family-members of our cook and maid in Kolkata.

    I perfectly understand his feelings and line of thinking. So, I don't call it illogical or childish.

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    Age old people behave childish in some times. As they grow old they feel unsecured and they feel that people are not caring for them. They will try to tell their opinions even though no body asked. But we should respect their age and their life experiences. If we start sitting with them and talk to them and ask them some questions they will feel happy. If we enquire them about their food and health, they feel delighted and they don't expect anything more from them. Like a children who wanted a balloon and if you give the same he will be very happy. So we should allot some time and spend with them to give some happiness to them
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    In old age some people becomes more dependent. But I see my father, who is of 90 years is more caring and more active.Yes he is more active than my younger brother.He gets up early . He reads morning newspaper,He does every thing for being healthy.He listens radio,watches television,reads magazine and spends his time in a good way.I have never seen him in fear.He is bold and have peace of mind .He says ,I have done my duty well ,I have taught my sons and daughters and helped them to live a good life.I have satisfaction in my life. I have not much expectation from them.We all brothers and sisters ,our all relatives and people around him take a lesson to live life in a systematic way from my father.I am proud of my father.
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    The author has related the keyword very aptly and naturally to the given key phrase. He has also stated a fact. Old age is childhood returning.
    The main characteristic of a child is vulnerability. Old aged people are also vulnerable. So need to be taken care of just like children. This message has to be absorbed from this write up.

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    This is true, old age people are more or less like a child. Also, the appearance starts to change and people start getting wrinkles in old age, just as a born child or a little child has a soft body and flexible bone. Old age people are more like children, they need hands of someone to help cross the road, just as a child do. They need help in climbing the stairs just as a small child do. Old age is also considered as second childhood. Because the condition of human living is almost similar to that of a small child and similarly is the behaviour. Old people expect us to follow their laws and rules. As the author has written, that they want accuracy in everything.
    The experiences that they have seen throughout their lives and the struggle they have undergone, have taken them to this stage. They helped us grow throughout our life giving right directions, to follow the right path to success. They made us what we are today. So, we need to treat them in the same manner, they did. We need to understand each and every words of them and help them in what they need from us. Little help from our side will mean a lot to them. Love and respect the old age people you meet.

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    Yes I agree with the author's submission and observation that aged old people are more less behave like a children. In fact the old age is the reflection of children when they are in initial years. There are certain similarities too. The old age people cannot move freely and needs some one to help and guide. Like wise young children also feel safe to walk with some one they trust and believe. Old people loose their teeth over the period of time and the young children would also going through the process of acquiring teeth one after another. Children wont eat what they are fed, they would eat what they want, same is the case with older people. Like children get offended if some one comes to their home and wont inquire about them and same is the case with elders too. They feel that they are rejected and hence people are not visiting them and inquiring about them. So all these similarities make aged old people are more or less like children.
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    People above just one level their every activity seems to be similar to a child. Our grand father once did not taken his food as my brother (his fond grandson)went to outstation without telling him. Like this we can see the activities of old age people similar to children. We can see the attached bit from a movie Thiruvarutselvar actor shivai Ganesan acted as Thirunavukarasar(old man)and his action on hearing a song on Lord Shiva is very similar to a child which can be seen in the website

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