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    Now religious nature worship is legally binding.

    The Madras High Court in a petition has asked for protection of nature worship which is preserved by certain communities in the name of sacred groves in India. This tribal practice was considered irrational and tantric in the name of rationality. But the High Court has deferred and has clearly pronounced these activities as rational and that it has been passed on to human civilization as a means to protect nature. Let us discuss about giving legal status to such practices.
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    The Europeans used to call nature worship as 'Pagan' practices. They used to ridicule such practices. Same is applicable for the invaders from middle-east and central Asia. But now educated people are coming to understand the importance and significance of nature worship. This is one such example.
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    This is the first time I heard of the word "Nature worship". This is what I got from google about it "A nature deity can be in charge of nature, the biosphere, the cosmos, or the universe. " It is good that nature worship has been termed as legal and it should be legal, because this will help to preserve and protect nature itself.
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    Nature worship is a good aspect. A nature deity is he who protects the nature . Nature is a god gift to mankind. We have to worship nature for all the benefits it is giving to us. But many of us always abuse it. This not a correct act. These days many people slowly understanding the importance of nature and trying to stop abusing it, which is a good sign.
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    Early humans were living subject to and adapting to nature. So they feared the nature's elements. In order to propitiate them they devised various form of nature worship. Even now with all our 'progress by trying to conquer nature' human beings are suffering from nature's fury. The nature's fury is actually a sequential reaction of disproportionate exploitation and damaging to nature. Present day society is not doing what is sufficient to regenerate what is damaged and thus the nature's balance is lost leading to many disasters .

    Some of the logic behind 'nature worship' practised by our ancestors was actually a way of keeping the balance and conserving nature's essential features from total extinction and elimination.

    One such example is of the 'Sarpakkaavu' or sacred groves where the snake god is worshipped in Kerala. It was a very effective prevalent nature conservation measures till a few decades ago. . Such sacred groves used to be kept untouched and the devotees used to light lamps and keep food preparations and leave them for the snakes as offerings. Our ancestors knew that forest cover was needed to balance water conservation, temperature maintenance, and this helped birds and other creatures to take shelter there. They knew that even snakes were needed to keep the nature's balance. The urbanisation causing almost extinction of snakes from urban areas has only helped the rats and bandicoots to grow to damaging potential and menace.

    These were given some religious connection only to make people comply with sincerity and total faith.

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