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    Do the footers indicate our personaity?

    Many Members of ISC have their individual Forum footers. Some footers are interesting quotations, some talk about many good things and some footers talk about the persons. As for example, my footer says: "Caution: Explosive. Handle with care". But is the Member in real life explosive? He is very moody and sometime doesn't feel like talking to others. At that time he doesn't even attend calls from very senior officers. In real life, he tries to argue rationally. After three or four attempts, if the other person doesn't behave in a rational manner, only then he explodes.

    What about other Members? Do their inividual Forum footers reflect their personality? Or the Forum footers are only some quotations which they like. Who knows?
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    Normal people usually leave their 'traces' in everything they involve. However consciously cautious a person tries to hide his real personality, there will be some moments when he just gives out by sheer accident or bad luck. So every action, reaction and inaction of a person is a fraction signature of his real personality. From many such 'traces' his personality can be ascertained by arranging the jumbled fractions properly to a meaningful result.

    Ironically the virtual world has become more conducive to track the traces of the user's personality. Net marketing thrives on that only. Earlier a qualified and experienced psychologist was needed to analyse and predict the personality of a person. But now the software do that job more precisely. There are uses and abuses of this happening now.

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    What we write, what we speak will give some inputs about our personality. Same is the case with footers. But never go only by footers. To understand a person's personality we should study him well. We should know what are his reactions for various happening in his life. How he takes the incidents and how he behaves with others are also important to know about an individual's personality. As mentioned by Mr. Venkiteswaran to know the personality of an individual Psychologists are conducting some tests and basing on the answers they used to assess the personality. But I don't know whether some softwares were developed to do the same job. So don't assess a person by simply seeing his footer.
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    Forum footers must have a nice and definite message which must convey the thinking like of the author and that should be inspiring too. Why because some of the threads which would be interesting, may be read by new net users and in that case the forum footer will say all about us. One can change the forum footer often based on their interaction in the site. But that would be creating bad impression on readers. If a good forum footer is carried in every page, then that would bring pride and happiness to the concerned member. The footer should be arresting and bring other members closer to you.
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