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    What should this emoticon used at this context mean or signal to me

    I am not an expert in using emoticons or emojis. Being the old generation member I use full text in my communications. Yesterday I was communicating in whatsapp to an youngster relative . Naturally the youngster was using 'sms language' and emoticons.

    For my greetings (it was the youngster's birthday) I received reply as Ty and an emoticon. Then I made another narrative explaining and conveying something and also adding another compliment and my wishes.

    For that I got a reply 'Thanks a lot' and then two emoticons showing the giddy head/face(face with a circle above it). What should I understand from it? Does the youngster feel bored and giddy of my full text narration? Or the youngster wanted to covey that (he/she) is very much confused and I need not confuse further?

    Those 'young minds' who are experienced in use of emoticons please help me to interpret the communication in emoticon.
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    No... he felt blessed.. The sign of emoticon with giddy head/face(face with a circle above it)- it means a sign of blessing. When someone feels blessed, such emoticons they send. Also TY -it means thank you in short.
    This is actually not the correct way of writing English, as the children today are doing , such short forms. Communication and writing should be clear and easy for the other person to understand. But using the chat language in normal descriptive writing or even during writing emails, it has become a fashion to use short forms a lot.
    It was not the feeling of boring for the emoticon you said, it meant a sign of real happiness. :)

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    As already stated ,'TY' implies 'Thank You'.

    Today I have also learnt that the particular 'emoticon' means 'feeling blessed'. Thank you, Ms. Pooja Srivastava.

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    Your welcome Partha Sir.
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    For the older generation like you and me. we are not aware of right usage of emoticons as the young ones are having field day every time when they send messages with attached emoticons. What I feel that more than the message the emoticons matter and that will convey the real inner feeling of the addressee. The other day when one of my relative was unhappy for not having visited their house though we gone through that place and during whats app conversation the emoticons used by them to express their displeasure was the treat to watch and enjoy. So in your case too the emoticons used were right. By the way before using the emoticons it has become necessary to know how much such options are there so that instead of using words, we can simply use the emoticons to convey our deepest feelings from heart.
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    "…giddy head/face(face with a circle above it)."
    The circle symbolises a halo on the head and not a giddy head. So, the youngster probably felt like an angel, all saintly.

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    Emoticons are very popular nowadays not will with younger generation but also with majority of old generation also. By mother( 80 Years) learned the use of these emoticons and she uses very often on whatsapp. But I am not well versed with these signs except a few. I use only those few which I know. Nowadays the english language is taking many shapes and we are seeing different short cuts. In this way they can chat fast with other people. So they use all short cuts. But they should use these shortcuts in normal acts. But even when they talk also they talk all shortcuts only. The Trend is very popular these days.
    But some people like us are not using these short cuts. We don't know over a period of time this will become even official language also.

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