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    Why we ask for little more and never less even though the vendor serves with the right weight?

    When we are going to the market or when the street vendor visits our door for the supply of vegetable items, we have the tendency to seek some more though he would weigh the things in front of us and we bargain for more and even invite the wrath from the vendor. I have invariably seen that the milk vendor also gives some extra milk on taking one liter and above milk and that extra milk is the gratitude and we should not demand. Probably that attitude has been extended to other marketing strategies and we end up asking for more and not less.

    This is the entry to Tow More or Less.
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    Asking more is amounting to giving less. Giving more is amounting to asking less. When we go to a vendor and if the total payable is Rs.9.75 paise. We will pay him Rs.10/- and we will not ask for the 25 paise back. It is indirectly asking less only. The material worth Rs.9.75 paise has been charged Rs.10/-. As the vendor has good quantity of material giving a small quantity extra may not make him big difference. So we ask for a little extra. This is the human tendency. We bargain for small small items only and ask extra also for these small items only. When it comes to costly items and that to from an organised vendor like super markets and other , we get pre weighed and packed material only. The weight will be gross weight including the weight of packing. The net weight will be less than what we have asked. Here we are paying more only here. These are all more or less same and makes no difference. We can't do any bargaining there.
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    Actually, it is the common tendency of human nature. We love to bargain and always feel satisfied if our demands are fulfilled, even to a little extent.

    We show our bargaining habit only to those who are soft targets and would accede to our demands. The vegetable or fruit vendors are such soft targets and we know that they would easily give in to our requests/demands.

    However, we never try to ask for some extra in big shops as we know well that they would only weigh the stuff in their electronic scales and never entertain our undue demands.

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    I have seen that this gives a psychological contentment or even victory.

    So much so that many vendors simply add a 'little more' after they have weighed and balanced correctly. I have herd many 'our thoda daalo na'. That 'our thoda' or 'little more' is and was always in practice. Both asking and giving.
    Old traders used to say this as 'mun thookkam' - 'add-on weight' 'a little more slant on the item side than the weight stone side.

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    Human needs are never ending. It is human nature to demand more in anything that they want. Bargaining is one such act where people feel, adding a little more of grocery or any food stuff will increase the weight of the product. It gives them inner feeling of happiness that they got more of what they wanted.
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