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    Is it possible in near future to switch to alternative electricity provider?

    We have alternative service providers for most of the services we get, be it gas, phone, internet, mode of communication, etc. But we don't have an alternative for electricity provider. We have to live on the mercy of our electricity provider. Though we can use an inverter, it won't be used for most of the high end electric equipment. Even though Government privatised distribution of electricity, it provides distribution rights to a single company to a certain area. Nowadays, even electric cables look as bunch of wires twisted together. So, laying of two or three alternate cables over an electric pole won't be a problem while taking care of grounding problems. Is it possible in near future to switch to alternative electricity provider?
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    Now we have a chance of producing our own requirement of power by ourselves through solar system. You can have your electricity production on the top of your house and the same can be used by you for your household requirement. There are many people who are having these solar panels on the terrace of their house or office and producing current. They even sell the excess current produced by their system to state electricity Department.
    There are many private players who are producing current and supplying to the state electricity department. As far as I know the electric cables and all infrastructure is created by state government and supply will also be made by state government only. THe government will pay to the manufacturer as per the units he has generated. SO producers are many but supplier is only one. This is true to all state governments in India. As far as my knowledge goes there are no private player who is supplying directly current from their plant to public directly. In fact it is very costly to have a separate distribution system and directly supply to public. If I am wrong and if anybody knows the private player supplying directly can name the company in this thread as their response.

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    Srinivasa Rao sir, though solar energy can be generated at rooftops, it is a separate issue as everyone can't afford it as batteries need to be replaced frequently. And similarly, for industries solar power may not work out.
    I was just asking whether Government can introduce competition just like other services we get.
    In Odisha, you find 3 different distribution companies for different areas namely NESCO, WESCO and SOUTHCO. All the three companies are subsidiaries of Reliance Infrastructure Limited (formerly Reliance Energy).

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