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    “More or less same”- This statement has no significance in competitive examination

    The boy was really good. The girl was also very good. In every mock test, the boy used to score 190 to 195 out of 200. The girl used to score 180 to 190 in mock tests. Other students and teachers used to state that they were more or less of same standard. I always disagreed.

    After rigorous practice of three months, the candidates appeared in the Non-Technical Popular Category (NTPC) examination conducted by a Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) in northern India. Another two months passed. The result was declared. The boy came out with flying colours! He got a job in Northern Railway! The girl did not find her name in the list of successful candidates.

    But fortunately the girl was not disheartened. She came back to the coaching institute and started practising with renewed vigour. After another two months, she appeared in another NTPC examination conducted by another RRB. This time she was not disheartened. She qualified the examination and got a job in Indian Railways.

    I was also happy. My student had learnt a valuable lesson. In the cut-throat world of competitive examination, 'more or less same' has no value. You have to score more than at least 99.9% candidates to be successful.

    (Competition entry for Topic for TOW monthly contest for August 2017)
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    This is true. In competitive examinations and also in other qualifying examinations also the ranks will change even with 0.5% difference in th marks obtained. We can't use the word more or less there. It should more or equal . If the lost candidate who got qualified by getting a percentage of 90%. A person who obtained 89.99% also may lose a berth in the competition. He should also get 90% or above only to get qualified. More or loss is not applicable here. On that particular day we performed well and got good score only will get a chance and will be successful. Every student should try hard and see that he will get maximum possible score. to get selected.
    Some cases I know where the person getting less percentage in school exams got selected in the competitive examinations whereas the person who got more marks in school exams could not get selected. I don't know why it happens.

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    I completely agree with the author. In competitive examinations or in other qualifying examinations the rule of more or less cannot be applicable. There only the best will be considered and even a difference by a fraction would make the status changed.

    If there is only one seat/post and a candidate scores 99.8%, the others would not be eligible even if they scores more than 98% but less than 99.8%.

    However, there are instances where a meritorious candidate was rejected for not scoring good percentage on a particular day. So it depends on luck also to a great extent.

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    The author has stated a down to earth, practical fact.
    But again, that is relative of many parameters too. One man's more may be another man's less. For one a particular mark may be more, but for another, it may be less. However when there is ct off or threshold i means more than threshold becomes more relevant.

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    This is absolutely correct. In today's era, increasing competition has led students to face typical situations when it comes to their results. In spite of a lot of hard work, they are left from 0.1 or 0.2% to clear an examination or for getting qualified. Everybody is learning and practicing the same way. Its just a matter of some percentages that they are left behind. But as the story says, do not be disheartened if you are losing the first time, giving a second chance also is very helpful and just be courageous to fight the battle.
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    The author has raised a valid point through this two topic which suggests that in these days of competition, merely studying is not enough and one must compete and be in front ranker then only the chance of having competition among the best would occur. Now a days we can see every child is scoring 90 percent of marks easily. But what is the use as they are seen with lesser importance. Those who score cent percent and 99 percent and above are treated well and even the media would interview them. So gone are the days when we were considering 70 or 80 marks is the biggest achievement.
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