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    My adsense account is Approved but IndiaStudyChannel Status is pending please approved it.

    My adsense account is first time activated through ISC, please help me what to do or not, and please approved it, as it is pending in ISC.
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    Babu Saroj,

    The pending status will not affect your AdSense earnings. Refer to #5 in Tony Sir's earlier announcement .

    Congratulations on being eligible to earn from AdSense through your ISC contributions! Now what you have to do is to simply continue to post quality content in the various sections. You can, if you wish, create channels in your AdSense account to know which section is getting you earnings. For this, you need to log in to your AdSense account and put the URLs of each section via My ads >> URL channels >> New URL channel - when you click on this last one, a box will appear on your screen and you can put the URL there. You can also include the URL of your own profile page. Thus, channels would be:

    You can also put in URLs of individual posts, such as of a job or an AE query thread where you gave an answer.

    Happy earnings!

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