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    I am alive, more or less.

    Are you alive? Does the question sound stupid? It is actually not.
    Surviving isn't living. You get up early, dress yourself and get yourself to work. You work for hours to make a little money. What do you do with your hard-earned money? You save it ofcourse.
    You tire yourself everyday in order to impress your boss,collegue or your boyfriend/girlfriend.
    Is there even an hour that you dedicate to yourself?
    Look at yourself in the mirror. Your hairs have gone grey. You have dark circles around your eyes.
    You look so frail. You've contracted diseases that won't let you eat what you want.
    You assume that your family loves you, when in reality you've distanced yourself from them due to work.
    You rarely took holidays. You missed your child's first words.
    You couldn't be with your wife when she was delivering your second baby.
    You don't love your job. Your co-workers envy your growth and its evident from their attitude .
    You don't know what your son does or your daughter's passions.
    Are you alive? You are alive, more or less.
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    The author did dig into nostalgic moments in life and that does not mean that every body would run away from the responsibilities and commitments and that is called the real life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The writing is good. The author is advising that everyone should spend some time in their life for their self. We always strive in our life for somebody or others. We do service for our family. We will always struggle to see that our family is in financial stability. We will struggle to see that our children will be happy always. But after we leave this world or after we become old,how our family members react or whether our friends and relatives remember us we don't know.
    I agree with the thoughts of the author. All will not be like that But people are there who behave differently in your absence. I worked in an organisation for more that 28 years. Always I used to do struggle for the organisation only. I hardly gave time to my family. I hardly took leave and visited my parents, my friends and relatives. I worked as if it is only my world. After 28 years of service when I quit that Organisation and come out , now I feel I have lost my whole time there only. My family says you have never talked to us also. Now what those people are doing to You. I realised of course late and I missed a lot in my life. I agree that we should give some to ourselves.

    always confident

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    The style of writing concluding with the key phrase are to be applauded.

    About the core message, I have to differ. Let us be thankful to be alive and kicking. Let us not compare that some one has more, I have less. Let us be thankful that I am more healthier than some one, more youthful than someone, more wealthy than some one.

    Let us try to be more in positives and less in negatives. We will naturally feel the joy of being alive. If we are active, we feel alive. That is why Lord Shiva always dances. That which dances or active is called Shivam, that which has finished dancing or life less is called 'shavam'.(dead body). Let us always be Shivam.

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    That is correct Venkiteswaran Sir,...even I agree with it. Being alive does not mean that we are only surviving. We are living with full enthusiasm and liking what we are doing that is meant to be alive. We are happy and contented what we are doing, that makes us alive. Life is about praising each and every moment that you live, either it is your work or its with your family or relatives. One should be thankful for what they have, in terms of happiness, food, clothing, having shelter.
    People who do not think that they are alive and they need to re-look and re-shape their living, go and do it. Life is one, make it the way you want to live it.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    That is the reason I always quote the advertisement of my favourite brand: "Live life king-size". Let us live to the fullest, let us not remain merely alive.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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