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    More or less we have a writer hidden deep inside

    A human goes through a hell lot of tough and even blithesome life experiences. People keeps growing one day after the another no matter how one blames on themselves. Some will be helpless, some poor, some unattractive or some even hopeless and unsuccessful. But everyone will have a long line of life experiences that he could narrate but only few are willing enough to decipher their feelings into paper.

    It is so hard to compete with those who are born with such great skills and vocabulary even though one is rich in acquaintance. What can be the reason behind and how such backward people brought to the outer world. Many even hide themselves whereas others who are willing are strictly hard to jot it down. So here is the real question to you, how well is one a better writer than another ? Let's see who all are capable enough to visualize this thread.
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    Yes. There is a writer in everyone. You can write, he can write. we can write and I can also write. Whatever may be the lifestyle every person will become everyday old by one day. This is a fact of life. Everybody will have their own experiences in life. Some will share with their family members, some will share with their friends. But everyone will not write his biography and it is not necessary also.
    Writing is an art. Some people say it is gift of God to some people. Basically from some body to be a writer should have a good vocabulary in that particular language and they should also have a technique of narrating the episode in a very nice manner. To be a good writer the basic and fundamental need is that you should be a ferocious reader. Once you read a lot your word power will increase and you can express yourself in a better way.
    I agree that every one can't be a very good writer but every body have a writer in him.

    always confident

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    Writing is only one form of expression. There are many other ways o expression of our inner feeling.
    " well is one a better writer than another ?" : That depends how more or less one has experience. exposure and exertion(hard work).

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    Writing is an art, it is a river of emotions, the pool of thoughts, which creates happiness and also a lot of questions in the mind of a person. It depends upon what the content is all about. There could be a lot of articles and write-ups based on real life experiences, some people write technical blogs, some write motivational stuff, some write food blogs, while others write on health related topics.
    There is no comparison of one article to another. Everybody carry their own unique way of writing. Some people use high flown words and vocabulary, while some people feel like expressing through simpler words. Some people use quotations and some people express through poetry. It is one's way to write, what they want to write.
    But it is willingness, if somebody really want to start on writing and finding it difficult, they will find ways to learn how to do it and how to work upon English and grammar.
    Nobody is a best writer, it is all the way you pen down your thoughts. And also how the reader is perceiving it.

    Do what inspires you !!

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