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    Need help for Google AdSense account activation

    Two days back I had applied for Google AdSense account and today's morning when I checked my mail, I had a message from Google saying my request has been disapproved.
    The reason for the disapproval of my account was domain ownership issue. They were asking to copy and paste some kind of codes in my site.
    Well, we know that we don't own this site. So, I don't know how to proceed further.
    There is one more chance left for me as Google will go for second review.
    Can anyone explain, what should I do now?
    I request every knowledgable member to please help me out.
    Thank You.
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    Gaurav, how did you apply for Google Adsense? Had you applied through ISC? I had faced the same problems some months ago. So I will suggest you to change you gmail address on ISC after that again apply through this page by using new gmail ID. I was told to do the same by our Admin Mr. Tony sir.
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    Sir, I have already changed my email id few days ago at ISC and I have applied for AdSense through ISC only.
    You can visit my profile page to check whether I meet the necessary criteria or not.
    If I you find something inappropriate then your suggestions are welcome.

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    Gaurav I have visited your profile and found that you do not have 10 published article and also not activated for last 6 months. After 2012, your activated here on 17 August. Vandana Madam always guided me (when my adsense disapproved 2-3 times) to wait and contribute more here. So I will suggest you to wait for 2-3 months and contribute more and more. After that apply for Google Adsense with a new gmail ID. Hope you will get adsense approval.
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    Thank you sir for your suggestions.
    But I think it's not a condition to be active for 6 months. The id at ISC must be 6 months old.
    In the help topics I came to know a minimum of 6-7 published article is needed to get the account approved.
    Please guide me, if I am wrong.

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    Editor Kalyani has brought this to our notice. You do seem to have fulfilled all the requisite criteria as per your AdSense profile. Perhaps the Webmasters can suggest what is to be done. Please wait for a response from them.

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