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    More or less efforts are needed from every citizen to save our environment.

    Forests are our natural wealth but several reason like population, need of more land for agriculture, railways, roadways, etc have caused deforestation. However a great importance of forests. Trees gives us oxygen, rain etc which is necessary. Trees prevent soil erosion, we get food, medicines, wood , rubber, paper, etc from the trees. Forest are also the home of animals. The disturbance in ecology produce abnormalities. Then we will have to suffer greatly for this protection of wild life forest is necessary.
    So forest is very important for us and our duty is to save the forests and trees. The contribution of every citizen or every person is needed.
    Respected members please share your opinion how can we contribute more or less to save our environment.
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    It is the responsibility of each and every citizen to see that environment is protected. If we imagine a world without a tree, how much oxygen is to manufactured in the world to take care of human beings. Forget about all other requirements of oxygen. It is a huge amount which can't even be imagined. So to make this mother earth suitable for human habitation we should see that more and more trees are gro efforts, wn. Everybody has to put in his best efforts to do this. Here maximum efforts, not more or less efforts, are required for the cause of environment protection. We consume lot of fuel for travelling. This fuel you are purchasing that is why you know how much fuel you are using but fuel alone can't burn. It takes oxygen from atmosphere. How much oxygen it is taking from atmosphere we don't know. Where from you are Getting?
    So very serious efforts are required to protect the environment.

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    Yes DR.N.V.Srinivasa sir you are saying right. All citizens have duty to save the forest and trees.

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    Environment protection is vital to sustain a healthy living and also to protect the atmosphere. Deforestation is the major cause to it. Cutting more and more tress to survive the population, in the need of making paper- we use wood, it fulfills multiple needs of human beings. Another major impact is the increasing population , that is causing a big imbalance to the ecosystem and environment. It has led to increasing requirements of things, like furniture, major household goods, increased use of plastics. The ways we can prevent cutting of trees and preserving environment is to try making less use of paper.
    Secondly - we can Recycle the recyclable products or give it to shops where they recycle paper or wood or useful materials. Recycling will reduce the wastage of useful biodegradable materials.
    Thirdly - save more and more water , this is another way to help preserving environment.
    Use Jute bags or cloth bags instead of plastic bags, jute is natural. Plastic is made from carbon, when burnt it increases the amount of carbon in atmosphere. Less use of plastics will lead to less emission of harmful gases in atmosphere.
    There are multiple ways to protect environment , most important is Plant more and more trees, it will help to increase oxygen in the atmosphere and maintains the temperature of Earth, trees have numerous benefits to us. We just need to take a step forward and start taking care of our nature.

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    The thought is good . However I am not sure whether the TOW key phrase is properly brought in to the narrative. That may because the uniqueness of the key phrase that it does not relate to anything precisely as a topic.

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