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    Luck is more or less not the same with everyone.

    There is a very famous saying on Luck "Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer." We normally think that how much of the hard work we do, we might not get good results, because we are not lucky enough. We have a mentality that life depends on 50% of your hard work and 50% your fate or luck. While now, there have been multiple modifications to it, and people have come out of this unproven thought. I would like to demonstrate a small story to it:
    There was a very famous Nawab of Bengal with name : Siraj ud-Daulah. He was very kind and nice to the people of his kingdom. He used to help them a lot. He had a very famous saying "Jisko kuch na de Maula, usko bhi dega Siraj-ud-Daulah" - meaning, people who are poor, and do not have anything given by God, those people will also be helped by the king.
    One day, there was a beggar going on the way through his kingdom, he seemed really helpless. The people of his kingdom, asked the king to help the poor man. The King took a pumpkin - opened it, and and kept some Gold inside it and then covered it back. He handed over it to his people, and they gave it to the poor beggar. He thought that what will he do with this pumpkin, he do not even have a gas or stove to make it. He gave that pumpkin to a fruit seller and went his way.
    After a couple of years, he came back to the same place and what he saw was astonishing, the little fruit seller, now had a big home to live, with lot of property and land.
    He asked him, how you became so rich, the fruitseller told, the pumpkin you gave me had gold in it. I sold it and now I own this beautiful property and have good amount of money. The beggar was left stunned.
    When he went back to the King, the King replied, "Jisko kuch na dega maula, usko kya dega Siraj-ud-Daulah" - means , a person whom God has given nothing, how can I give something to that person.
    This story tells us that we get good things and useful opportunities in hand only, if we are working and running for it. If we just sit and keep asking for things, we will not get anything in life. So, luck is definitely not more or less same with everyone. But yes, sometimes luck or fate does play a role in your life and opportunities and you get unexpected and really amazing things in life, which you never expected.
    But at the end, its our hard work that pays us, luck is the second thing that comes into place. So keep working hard and achieve what you want to achieve in life. :)
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    I have read another thread saying 'Life is not more or less same'. It is a co-incidence that the title as well as narration style of both threads are more or less similar.

    The concluding message is good.

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    Luck plays an important role in the life of human beings. At the same time we can't leave everything saying. We have to try sincerely for our achievements. Simply if you sit and wait for luck to shower gold on you is not correct. If you put an oil lamp in the street and leave it it will die down with the wind unless otherwise you keep some protection shield from the wind. As a human being we always work hard and try hard to get our wishes fulfilled. Even after than you can't be assured of success if you don't have luck. You all know the famous proverb man proposes and God disposes. Life is a combination of luck and your efforts.
    always confident

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    I fully agree with the author that the luck factor is not similar to all , as for some it is sustained luck factor and for many luck smiles once only and that would be the great path breaking for the life. Those who are wealthy person and those who can afford to the modern life, the luck would come to them often. But for those who are hard workers and always plan well before every big leap, some times the luck factor wont smile on them and that pausing period would be great pain and going through that time would be life changing phase. So luck factor along with the perseverance to achieve would go a long way.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I had read somewhere a different version of the story. Two beggars came to a boastful king for alms. The first praised the king saying, "The king provides.' while the second beggar said, "God Provides."
    The boastful king wished to help the beggar who praised him. He gave him a pumpkin which was hollow from inside and full of gold coins saying, "I am giving you this pumpkin and God would give the other beggar. Both the beggars left and went their own way.
    On the way, the first beggar sold the pumpkin to a vegetable vendor in lieu of few coins. After some time, the second beggar was also passing that way. He was empty handed as he had got no alms that day. The vendor felt pity on him and gave him that pumpkin .
    On reaching home, the second beggar cut the pumpkin and was surprised to see it full of gold coins.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    The thread you have mentioned was written by me. After reading your comment I read my thread again and found no similarity between the two. Perhaps it would be some other thread you have been talking about.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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