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    More or less, matters in how we live- for benefit of others or for our own selfishness.

    More and less are co-existing always. They are contra positioned. The feeling or sense of 'more or less' happens from early childhood itself. The moment a child or infant is able to quantify and compare anything visually, the feeling of more and less starts. It is the basic and preliminary input for comparison and selfishness.

    When a child sees that another child has got something more in its hand than what it has itself, the insecurity, the jealousy, the disappointment and negativity starts. This 'more or less' comparison takes us over all through our life. That is the basic of our 'ashaanti' or mental disturbance.

    It is only by teaching by elders and teachers with convincing justifications, impartiality and self teaching and training that one can become less sensitive to someone having something more. Sometimes we see only ironies. One may like to get more but give less. One may work less but would yearn for more wages.

    Our traditional philosophy has told us to be unmindful of more or less in our material possessions. In fact it has told us to be more in our spiritual pursuits and less in material pursuits.
    Let us love more, hate less. Let our minds be lighted more and less dark.

    More or less matters really in how we love and live for others' benefit. The motto should be 'More for others , less for ourselves.'

    (This an entry for TOW contest)
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    In this thread more or less used in a different style. Good. Give less and take more should not be the philosophy. Give more and expect less is a better philosophy. Love more and hate less. If others hate us it makes no difference to us. More or less it will not make any difference to us actually. If we can think in these lines our life will be very happy without any disappointment. But it is very good to say this. But how many people can follow this principle. If really we can implement this aspect we will become more near to God and he will take care of us by all means.
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    @Venkiteswaran Sir.. its adorable to see the way you have written on how "More or Less" meaning is created inside a person's mind. But to reaching that aspect, is reaching to the level of great beings and almost like Saints. If we talk of the reality, we are living in the world of lust and mirage. We human beings have various needs and wants. We can change our behaviour a little by helping the needy people. By doing some charity or donation, serving a little as a social cause. Rest since our wants are unending, we will not be able to change the basic human behaviour that we imbibe in ourselves.
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    Well the more or less tow topic is being explained by members in different style and this author came with very good observation on the subject. Normally we are possessive and selfish in character unless and until there is need to help others based on situation and demand. Not that we are not affordable or rude to the demands of others, but sometimes we does not want to build the relations in such a way that once we start giving or showing some mercy on others through gratitude then that would continue in future for no reason and that wont end up. So due to that constant demand tag, we keep away to help others.
    K Mohan
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