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    Are we living in the world of show-off ?

    I am seeing various examples of show off, not only on television but also in our real lives.
    Show off meaning when you just pretend to be what you are not. In an effort to please someone, we do this.
    Human living has changed drastically from eighties, nineties and till today. The traditional way of living was peaceful and full of contentment. But today, human beings are just trying to show off in every possible way. They have got a social media app naming Facebook and they just show off there whatever they feel like. People are showing off their life, relationships to a lot extent with an effort to get some likes and comments. Life seems to be now based on some comments. Indian people are adopting western culture in terms of living. People today like listening more to english songs, while there are some people who listen to desi music, but most of them prefer the english style. People try to copy the English speaking accent, inspite of knowing the fact that they will not be able to do it, but they try to. People do not have much knowledge of our Indian culture especially in Hindus, children today do not know about our Indian Gods, Ramayana - the epic. We do not know the significance of any festival. We are just following the rituals of every festival without knowing the importance of it.

    Rather, what we are doing is just posting status on facebook about our lives, party times spent and if there is any festival, we just wish the people. Don't we need to go back a little, and try to understand how our ancestors lived and the tradition they followed, and try and understand about our Indian culture. Please think over it.
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    Exactly even my feeling and observation goes with the author. We are bound to follow elders and others and in that connection we fail to know what is the significance of life, why festivals are celebrated and what is the reasons for this life and simply live in the world of show off. And the present generation people are more interested to update their profiles on social media even visiting temples and not praying the God with dedication. I have seen people taking selfies inside the temple and sharing to the friends on visiting the place and thus some times I feel that we are bound to go places for others sake and just show off. Likewise we should not be carried away with greetings and showering praise on us in social media. It is another way of pleasing us in front of others. But none chose to wish us personally for any achievement and winning moment from our side.
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    There is a sea change in the lifestyles of people in 80s to now. I have seen 70s,80s,90s,2000s and now seeing 2010s.
    There is a complete change. Those days material is cheap and money has value. Now money has no value and material is costly. People used to have contentment those days. They are very happy with whatever they have. There is no show off. If we have done a good job people used to recognise us and wish us personally. But this is limited to that area only. People were very happy and they have lot of peace in their life.
    These days it is completely changed. Whatever we do we want to get highlighted for that. Whatever we do we want appreciation from all. We always try to say that we are great. In this bargain all these social media is playing a vital role.
    If you get more likes you are very pampered. How it is adding value to you, I never understand. To some extent this social media is good. It is bringing people together. But we are using it too much making as an advertisement ground for us.
    But I feel again good days will come. I am observing a little change in some youth.Even Though the percentage may be less but I know some young people we never prefer to use social media.
    There is a proverb in Telugu. Increase is always for decrease only. A day will come where the old tradition will take a front seat.

    always confident

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