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    Do we blindly follow fashion?

    The world is ever changing. Change is the law of nature.
    In this materialistic world the companies are bringing new and new fashion materials in order to lure the customers to their products. Fashion has caught the fancy of all whether old people or child. In this blind race of fashion people have forgotten to check what suits on their personality or what does not suit.
    Now a days whether it suits to them or not they are simply following it in the name of fashion.
    Do you also swing with fashion changes?
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    I think in the recent past we have a tow contest on Fashion. Many responses were there . Again a thread on the topic.
    Change is inevitable. We have to change basing the situation and position. But while getting hanged we should not forget our roots and basics. If you forget these important factors and go after fashion what will happen. That is exactly what we are seeing today.
    Fashion is a trend. By seeing one person another person will start. But before doing that we should think whether it is for our age or not. We also should see whether it is convenient to us or not? Is it really good to follow that? Once you get all answers as 'YES' you can follow that. But we can't follow blindly.
    Many people are getting attracted towards various advertisements, TV shows and movies and trying to follow those fashion in real life. But my only request is to think before following whether is it right for us?

    always confident

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    Every one of was yearning for a change in life style and that includes wearing good clothes, great designs and making fashion statement out of our selection. Some of the people are well versed with good fashion trend and they create their own impact by adding some designs to already good fashion designs on the clothes. Thus on seeing a new fashion of fusion of colors and designs and looks, people would surely inquire and follow that fashion style soon. What I advise that be a fashion setter but do not copy others. That would bring you great Individuality and respect in the society.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Fashion is there in every country and even it differs state to state. But the situation we should take in to consideration. Especially our country is normally hot in climate and countries like England has a good cold in climate. If we dress with full suit in our city we cannot tolerate the hot and would be ready to remove immediately on entering into the house. We can see in Madurai like cities many foreigners wandering in the roads without even any shirts. Are we asking why do not they wear full suit. In Kerala their fashion is Dhoti and towel and we should not violate their practice on any circumstances. We can follow the fashion according the situations. In cinema the hero wears indifferent colors and by seeing can we go to office or on road in such color dress.

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    If you follow fashion, it will remain temporary. As fashion will come today and go tomorrow. If we can make a style of our own, it will become a part of our personality and people will also be able to relate to you accordingly.

    Make a style statement which suits us best and which will make us comfortable.
    A part of our identity lies in how well we can carry ourself.

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    Following the current fashion has become the trend of life. If you don't follow it, you will be called out-dated and be a laughing stock to others. So it is a sort of compulsion.

    The big companies are creating new fashions every now and then and the common people are becoming crazy after them. The companies are making huge profits while the public are losing in every front. In the name of latest fashion, the youngsters are changing their dresses, cosmetics, watches, mobiles etc. while the elderly people are changing the design of their curtains, furniture and other household goods. It seems there is no end to it.

    If the present trend continues, the day is not be far when it would spread like an incurable disease.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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