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    Mumbaikars had another tough day yesterday.

    Yesterday morning while raining heavily, I reported to work. While travelling people were talking about rain in Mumbai, if less rain we have problem and if heavy rain we have problems but no one were complaining. We Mumbaikars have accepted it long back.

    The scene become serious as the day passed when water loging started. We decided to close our office and headed for our home. Unfortunately there were no train services. All the train were halted where ever it was due to water loging on the track. We too stuck at station and finally returned to our office. Thanks to our colleague who just live in the same apartment and provided us the bedsheets and pillow for comfortable sleep.

    Morning when train started I headed to home. Prediction is another heavy rain today but so far not every where raining. Hope everything become normal soon.
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    It was raining heavily in Mumbai. This was what we heard yesterday. The normal life got shattered because of this heavy rain. Now with this thread we understood how much problem the people in Mumbai are facing with these rains. Rains are very much required for the country. But pouring all of a sudden or nor rain fora long time are extreems. Our infrastructure is designed for a certain status. If this going beyond design features we will face lot of problems. It is not with the nightmare had on that day. The roads will get spoiled and it will take long to bring back the normal roads. Till then you will face the music.
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    I just cannot understand as to Mumbai is considered Mahanagar and by virtue of it , there must be very good civic facilities and good drainage system to handle nature fury. We have been hearing and seeing every rainy season that the city goes out of gear and even the trains are stopped as the rain water close the tracks. But yesterday it seems to be more lashing in the last 12 years and every area of Mumbai Mahanagar was virtually seen as a sea as no roads are visible. We must appreciate the citizens there who have the tendency to help others in case of emergency and appreciation to your friend for arranging the necessities to you for that night.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is due to poor sewarage system of all Indian cities. So far as Mumbai is concerned, it has become an annual event. We are aggravating the problem by throwing plastics in the drains. The problem has become so alarming that a new subject named 'urban flooding' has been added to the list of disasters. Srinagar flood (last to last year) and Chennai flood (last year) indicate the severity of the problem.
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    In Hyderabad main colonies are being replaced with bigger drainage pipes on war footing. When a new state can do this, why cant a Maha Metro ? CM Fadnavis must envisage bigger project to replace old drainage to new bigger one.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When I was in Mumbai in 2006 -2009 in one of those years there was huge rainfall as my office was fully filled with water in Goregaon (East) so we got full week holidays as the Computer processing units are lifted on tables before the rainfall they are grounded and computer plugs were removed. Mass people come out and played with stagnated water pools on roads.
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    The early reports about heavy and continuous rains made me to recall with shudder the situation of July 2005, when Mumbai had to suffer under unprecedented flood and devastation. Iwas then in Mumbai and had to spend a night and a half day in office, and then wade through knee dep waters to reach the nearest railway station.

    Yesterday,I was trying to reach my relatives and friends in Mumbai to know how are they. Some of them could reply , some did not-keeping us anxious. I was anxiously monitoring the situation by looking in twitter and various other online sites. I also got periodical reports and pic from whatsapp groups.

    One concern was whether they had enough charge in their mobiles and whether our calling them will be a drain on the very scarce charge. So I messaged to some of them to keep mobile fully charged even early, when I started getting ominous reports of rain.

    Today I received a message from one of my relatives that they had spent yesterday night inside a parked passenger train and have reached back home today morning only.

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    The water logging comes most of the time if there is high tide with heavy rainfall, because BMC closes Mumbai's storm water drain gates to prevent sea water coming into main city. In this case rain water gets blocked inside the city which becoming the main reason for water logging. This is the same thing happened day before yesterday.

    However, things are normal now. Since yesterday no heavy rainfall and today the Sun God is shining with smile. Mumbaikars are at their work.

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    As Partha Sir has rightly said, the conditions of almost all the big cities of our country are more or less the same. The sewarage system in most of the cities are so pathetic that even a normal rainfall also creates water logging and people are put to much difficulties.
    Every year, before the start of the rainy season, the administrations make tall claims that every precautions have been taken to prevent water logging but the situation never improves.
    However, we are also somewhat responsible for the situations. People often throw garbage, polythene and such other materials chocking the drains.
    Until and unless, people become conscious, the situations are not going to improve and everybody has to suffer for the thoughtless actions of a limited number of people.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Most cities had sufficient areas of open spaces, marshlands and forest vegetation to absorb the excess rain water and floods. Due the greedy real estate development all those open lands, marshlands and forest areas have been filled up and buildings constructed. This prevents natural draining and water gets blocked in main areas itself.

    The easten and western suburbs of Mumbai had lot of salt-pans and marshlands earlier. Gradually they are all gone now. That shows in the calamities.

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    There is another good side of the story as well. People, who are generally indifferent to the plight of the common man, are opening their doors even for strangers to give them relief from their sufferings. They are sending message to the social media telling people that their doors are open for them and they are ready to accommodate the stranded people selflessly and without any discrimination.
    This humane traits are generally not found in these days. I salute the people of Mumbai for their selfless acts.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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