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    Should Shakshi Maharaj, a BJP MP, be sacked from the Loksabha for his comment on Judiciary ?

    Recently, a self-styled Godman Baba Ram Rahim has been convicted for rape of two Sadhvis of his sect. Lot of rioting and violence took place in Haryana and Punjab by the followers of the Baba after this judgment. Violence claimed 38 lives. Sakshi Maharaj , a MP of BJP infamous for unrestrained religious comments , decried on the judgment of the court. He was seen defending Baba Ram Rahim on TV. He called him a simple and noble person. He was seen saying that there was only one person against Baba and crores were considering the Baba as God. He asserted that the views of crores must be looked into. He said that it was a conspiracy against sadhus and Indian culture. He also said that the court's verdict was also responsible for the violence. This means that the judiciary should also surrender before Babas and pronounce judgment after counting the might of the accused Babas. Since the politicians not only surrendered but also helped such Babas to become so berserk. To my opinion, Shakshi Maharaj should be prosecuted in the court for passing such derogatory remarks on judiciary. He, himself being a law maker, must respect the constitutional body. He has been in news for his statements on Ram Mandir issue also. He is a religious fanatic. There is no place for such a person in the Lokshaba which is bound to safeguard the secular values of the constitution. He should be sacked from the Loksabha immediately. Please opine.
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    Even a prime minister can't comment any bad remarks on judicial system. Before law everybody is same. There are no bi and small. rich and poor, babs and ordinary man. Whatever may be the position, a culprit should be punished. There should not be any second opinion about this. A MP who is supposed to uplift the system by following the rules and regulations should be more careful in talking and respecting the court. But this MP has failed to do that. Anybody can file a case against him. He may be suspended as MP and enquiry is to be conducted and he should not be allowed in the Parliament forever. Whether the MP is from from Ruling party or opposition party or any other party same process should be followed. This is what I feel. It is common in our country that rule makers only will brake the rules. I feel the BJP will look into this and bring in act regarding removal of an MP from that post if he is giving talking against the judicial system in India.
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    I won't comment on the particular comment by the MP. However, as far as I know, no comment inside the Parliament during session can be taken up for litigation.
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    Our Prime Minister Narender Modi has been saying often that no one should take the laws into their hand and do things against the party and National Interest. Be it anyone. they have to face the rules of the law if they criticize the government, Judiciary or for any matter. Judges are experienced enough and in the recent past some very good judgement were passed the courts have been getting more respect from the public. So even the PM takes action or not or Amit Shah be strict or not, the court can take action on Shakshi Maharaj and even put him behind bars for commenting on judgement.
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    If not sacked at least a disciplinary action should be taken if at all there is such a provision.

    It's sad to see that people still support such Ram Rahim.

    I did happen to read a WhatsApp message which read as "When rapist are not punished people start a candle march but when a rapist is punished people are putting the cities on flame"

    The comments made by the MP against ruling of the court is definitely not appreciable.

    Let's see what course of action is taken.

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