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    Walk, run or jump. You should pluck the fruit

    You want to eat a fresh fruit hanging to the tree. Either you walk or run or jump. you should pluck the fruit and eat it. Then you are a satisfied man.
    You have to catch a train. When you start, how you go is not the matter but you should catch the train.
    In the same way we all should have a goal in our life. We have to plan to achieve our goal irrespective of how much hard the process is. Once you decide on your goal you have to plan, you have to have a road map with fall back arrangements and for every step you should have a target date and start implementing the plan and grab the success. This should be our motto.But in this process we should not cheat anybody, should not follow unethical practices and illegal ways are to be kept away. Who can aim high and reach his goal is a successful man in the life.
    Do you say ok to me or no? Dear Members, your opinions please.
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    Walk, run or jump can be easily connected to the way of life we lead and that also testifies how we give priorities to the tasks and aims on daily basis. Those who want to achieve things in perfect manner without any deviation, they make lots of planning and thus they get the result as expected. So they would lead a walking style of life. That means no panic. Second comes those who make some mistakes in the long planning and that mistake would cost them somewhere and these are the people who have to run and catch the situation, otherwise they would miss the opportunity. And the last case are those who are most confused lot in the society. They wont plan, they are jealous of others progress, they wont have proper guidance to approach and yet they want success in short cuts which is not always possible and risky too. These people opt for jumping mode and some times they get success and many a time they fumble and fall.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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