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    No need to judge others- we are more or less same

    Yeah, do not get surprised by the title of this thread. We all are biologically same, means our God has not done any kind of discrimination between us. We all have same DNA as the main ingredient in our body. The only difference is in their arrangements which create physical differences, then why we think differently for different people? Why we love to judge others?
    We all have some good and some bad with us but the twist in the story is, the thing which is bad as per our thoughts can be good for others. So, a good can be bad and a bad can be good.
    Humans have made a common habit to judge people depending upon their dressing, their house size, their jobs, etc. But this is not right. We should learn to accept the person the way he or she is. Even though we find something bad in a person, still he or she has something good also to appreciate.
    If we will stop judging people, the relations will be more beautiful and the kind heart acceptance for others will give you the same in return.

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    We are not judges to judge a person. As long as one is not doing any horm to others and society, he is free to do what he likes. Good or Bad is relative. A vegetarian feels that eating non vegetarian is bad. A teetotaler feels drinking is bad. But many people drink and eat non veg. That is their will and wish. We need not worry about others. You think of yourselves. You do whatever is good to you. But don't judge other people from your angle and criticize them.
    After all we are all human beings. It is not good to judge others and it is not correct to criticize then basing on our opinions and beliefs.

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    Your statement is true judging by dressing and it recalls the recent news in media going round about Sudha Murthy's book Three thousand stitches where she talked about her own experience when people judged her with her style of dressing.

    There are some still will have the same mentality which cannot be changed.

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    By the way not every one of us are that competent to judge other person and pass comment. Those who advise must have wide knowledge on the issue and must confront with questions if posed by others. Otherwise keeping quite is the best policy.
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    It is people's mentality in what way who thinks. Everybody have a different view of judging people, it all comes through their environment in which they are living and their surroundings. It is human nature to judge people on every aspect. There is nothing wrong about it, but yes , I would also agree that we should accept everybody's behaviour and not say anything wrong to anyone. Everybody is living life their own way, and struggling in their own sense. So, we should not comment on that.
    Those people keep gossiping and try to get into other's talks and lives, who have ample time and have really nothing to do in their lives. So, everybody should think from a human's perspective and have goodness in them.
    We all are same, so we have no right to point fingers at other person , instead we should first correct ourselves before doing that.

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