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    Be active more or less in social welfare

    Human beings are social animals. We live in society and it is our duty to make it a healthy society. Social welfare is necessary to make it healthy. There are many NGO's which work for society but we do not take part in social welfare. We should participate in social welfare thought it is more or less. So, be active more or less in social welfare. Now you can think how to active. It is not very difficult to be active. You have to do only your routine work and it would be your participation in social welfare. For examples:
    1. Always try to keep your environment clean and safe from dirt.
    2. Help the needy people as per your capacity.
    3. Plant at least one tree and take care of it.
    4. Make arrangement of drinking water for the animals.
    5. Protect and conserve natural resources.
    6. Conserve public properties.
    These are only some examples. By doing these simple things, you would be able to contribute in making a healthy society.
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    I agree with the author. Everybody should participate in social service activities. There is no need that you have to spend heavy money on it. You can do it by allocating some time or some money as per your convenience and capacity is sufficient. If every individual feels this and do something this society will be a very good place to live in. Generally we sell our clothes after using and purchase some steel items for the house. Instead of that if you give those clothes to a orphanage, they will be happy. Everyday we may be throwing out some food. Instead of throwing it out if you give it to a beggar, he will be happy. As mentioned by the author growing at least one tree and taking care of it will be good. Like this we can do many small small contributions to the society for the social welfare.
    always confident

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    The author used the tow topic to issue a clarion call to all the members and net users to spare time and engage themselves on some social causes as listed there above and be satisfied of having done something to the society. The other day there was Annadhaan in our colony and there was shortage of people who would help to serve the food. So I volunteered and done the needful. I felt so happy that I was able to satisfy the hunger of many and that was a great experience. In some festivities and functions, we have to take some responsibility and do the work , so that everything goes on well.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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