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    A peculiar question comes to my mind

    Let us suppose there is a very diligent, methodical and patient Member of ISC. He doesn't have much time to devote to this wonderful platform but that does not deter him. He goes on plodding. Every year he goes on collecting points @ 7000-8000 per year. In due course (in 7 years or so), he receives the most prestigious Platinum shield of ISC. His joy knows no bound.

    But Alas! His joy remains for only one year. As per the rule of ISC, a Member receives Platinum shield once he obtains 50,001 points. That is simple. But the next part is little bit tricky. For keeping the Platinum shield with him, he is required to score at least 10,000 points in every subsequent year.

    Now the diligent Member goes on scoring at the same rate in subsequent year (i.e., 7000-8000 points). But he can not satisfy the condition mentioned above. So he loses his Platinum shield after one year, although his performance graph remains uniform.

    In view of above, I feel that there must also be appropriate time period for the two top-level shields. I mean to say that for Platinum shield, the appropriate condition would be: 50001 points in less than 5 years. For Diamond shield, the condition should be: 10001 points in less than 4 year. These conditions would be in accordance with the subsequent conditions of retaining these two shields (10, 000 points in subsequent year and 2,500 points in subsequent year, respectively).

    Members, kindly indicate your opinion on this proposal.

    [P.S.: This is not a criticism of anybody. It is only a random thought which comes to my mind.]
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    Partha, your suggestion is indeed good. I am one of the member who lost his Diamond level just due to lacking timing (which I have really no issue). However, It will be good if the rules are looked from new way and gives us little more freedom after reaching to a certain level, it will be nothing but will bring more happiness to the members.

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    As Jeets told, even I am at the same situation that the level has been reduced from Diamond to Gold but at the same time I should admit that I am not much active now.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Giving time for ISC daily is sometimes will become difficult. If you take my case I joined in 2009 but couldn't continue after becoming a gold member. Again I started my journey with ISC from November 2016. I am a little active only these days. I could manage Diamond level middle of August. If what you proposed is started implementing I many not be eligible to go to the level of Diamond also as I joined long back. This point also should be kept in mind while deciding on the level. Instead of changing the system fully, the points to be scored in the subsequent years can be reduced to the possible extent after attaining the level. Once the member attains a Diamond level, every year he should score 2000 points per year and a platinum member has to score around 5000 points per year may be a reasonable proposition. Even they can consider no minimum points after attaining the level like gold level.Of course these are suggestions from me. What will be done by ISC we have to wait and see.
    always confident

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    My response to this thread is purely in the capacity of a member and nothing to do with my role as an Editor. I too agree to the views expressed by the members here. As every member reaches to a certain level by virtue of their contribution and earning points is based on performance, I think a member should be allowed to continue with the same level irrespective of his contributions at a alter date during the year. Also, the ranking system has now been modified and an inactive member for more than three months would not be given any rank and it would remain as '0' until he participates in discussions/ logs in. Demoting to the level below due to non-accumulation of the points prescribed 2500/10000 for Diamond/Platinum levels during the year would surely demotivate the members. Also it would lead to point hunt to retain the level by compromising with quality. The suggestion by Dr. Rao , otherwise seems to be reasonable by bringing down the points 2000/5000 for retaining the two levels during the year.

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    The reason for having lots of gap between diamond and platinum membership is to inculcate the habit of regularity and sustained contributions from the aspiring member for platinum position. Once that is achieved, the member has to keep the tempo of contributing further. Suppose if daily 40 points are accumulated answering in forum and ask experts section and also responding in article section, he can easily earn 1200 points per month and that would be roughly 14,400 points in a year. So one can retain the platinum position in that way. Only sustained contributors are required at ISC and not those who achieve some thing and then stop. That is why when you see the platinum membership level , very handful of members are present and those who contribute well are retained in the level or other wise they are demoted without notice.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: The issue is little bit different. Please read the example given by me carefully and then furnish your comment, which is valuable to me as you are a very senior Member.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Although I am comparatively new to this site and hence not in a position to comment, yet I take the opportunity to express my views.

    I think that the interest and passion of members can easily be judged within one, two or six months to the maximum. If they are really interested in the site or has a passion for writing, they will continue and reach the higher levels.

    With the passage of time, the continuity of posting comes down gradually and in spite of their interest, they can't log in or post contents with the same tempo as they had been doing earlier. Various factors like burden of studies, work, family responsibilities etc. stop them from logging on or posting contents on regular basis.
    However, it doesn't mean that they have lost complete interest. They may log on whenever they can find time or post some quality contents. They would surely be demotivated if they find that their membership level has gone down for not scoring the minimum number of points to retain the level.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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