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    More or less the religionwise integrity is there in our country

    Besides the intervention of politicians and their parties the integration is there among all religions in ou country. In many cities recently, even Muslim and Christian parents dressed their children as of Lord Krishna during the recent Krishnashtami. Many muslim people helped the Amarnath yatrikas recently during the havoc. Recently a Muslim person offered a new mic set for the Hanuman Temple in his area of Hathira District of Madhya Pradesh. We can see many Hindus are worshiping daily in Nagoor Durgha, Golden Temple of Amritsar and Shrine Veilankanni.
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    Yes except politicians who see a vote bank inside every religion, the people mingle and freely have their access into other homes and participate in festival activities cutting across their religion. Yesterday there was Annadhaan at the Monda market area where a big Ganesh Idol was kept and the passerby were asked to have food as Maha Prasad. Even I had the food. I could see some Muslim women who were happened to go through that place were also offered food and they accepted without any refusal. That was a kind gesture from the organizers and good acceptance from those ladies.
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    The place I mentioned is not Hathia but Harda district of Madhya Pradesh.

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    Yes. There is no problem between people of different religions. I had a muslim friend. She used to follow all Hindu customs and she even used to go to our temples. I have gone to her house many times for eating. She was purely a vegetarian. Afterwards she got a post in railways and left this place. Similarly I have seen many people of different religions moving together. They are is no disturbance from one to other. Once or twice I visited a church also to attend a marriage function in the church. So for a common man that to who lives in cities nobody knows to which caste and religion his neighbor belongs. Lor of harmony is there.
    But here the culprits are vote seekers. They want the support of a group of people with some commonality. So they always try to provoke the people by showing them these unwanted identities. Once the mentality of these leaders change all Indians irrespective of their caste, religion and region will live like a single family members.

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    It is good to hear, that people are not strict, they like to mix up and live and do not name religion in every small thing. But I also had muslim friends and they never ate prasad or went to temple with me. I have seen all this in television only. I would also want to see this sort of a behaviour of integrity in reality. In fact what I am seeing now a days is totally different, that is why my experience has changed a lot and similarly the view.
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    I agree with you. I have had friends from all communities and have been invited to various functions. I was recently invited for a 'gauri raksha' puja. My parents exposed us to the Holy books of various religions. The common people do not have ill feelings about people of other religions.

    We always have an open house on Christmas with people of all faiths coming over to wish us.

    Religious divide is created by just a few people who have their own agendas and ulterior motives. The common man cannot be bothered what religion his neighbour follows.

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    The British devised the 'divide and rule' for their convenience. But even after the British left, our own native politicians continue the same legacy.

    It is crisis management in a different way. Cause a crisis where there is no crisis at all. Then come to the fore and behave as if you are solving the crisis. That is crisis management.

    The divide and rule continues in more ways. People re slowly seeing through all this. But the vested interests will not allow people to unite, but continue to do something that keeps them divided.

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    India is a country where there is a unity in diversity. We have many religions, many communities, many cultures and subcultures, multiple castes in every society and many other diverse things.
    The people of India very well know how to coexist peacefully in this country.

    Unfortunately in the same country there are some elements who want to take political mileage by dividing the people in different castes and different religions. These people have vested interest and they make fool of the gullible public.

    Unfortunately these people control the government machinery and government executives but there is no machinery to control them. For their self interest they will divide the people into groups and if required they will even instigate the people for violence. Surprisingly these people have more followers then the normal good people have.

    If these bad elements had not provoked the people the situation would have been very normal and peaceful.

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    As far as sentiments of the people of different races in our country is concerned, they seem to be peace - loving and have abundant respect for different religions. Since in my childhood in my village, I have seen entire Muslims - community praying for Maa - Durga and Godess Kali and there existed a harmonial relationship in the village. We too had enormous respect for Idd and Ramjan.
    At times, violence has erupted due to provocative statements made by so called Netas and the peace prevailing in the society has distorted abruptly. We should definitely make such dialogues which will strengthen the fabric of the society and not to weaken the bond of unity of the different communities.

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