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    We are three times responsible for an action when we accuse one

    We simply use to accuse others for any problem or discomfort or havoc happens around us. Not only we, public but also the press/media people, use to criticise or accuse others when such things are happening. Whenever the rain slashes, the city people,not here and there but everywhere the government authorities are criticised but they forget that the responsibility also falls on us, the public. Recently the Mumbai Government is criticised for havoc of building collapse and death of more than 10 people. But my view is the responsibility falls on the persons who built the building and who bought the building without seeing the properness. The builders to reach money do whatever arrangements and when some government official if found strict he automatically shift to the authority who accepts his deal. If we show our one finger to others, we forget our own three fingers showing ourselves own.
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    A nice thread. Criticizing is always very easy. But actually we forget our responsibility in that particular aspect. It is true that if you point one finger at some one else,three fingers will be pointing you only.
    But as a tax payer to every paise we earn, I feel it is our right to expect at least minimum infrastructure to have a good life. When these people in power fails even in that also we may get annoyed. Those moments we may talk a little bad about the rulers. I think it is acceptable.
    Once upon a time rulers are doing service. But now they are getting paid for that. When we work under a boss,if we fail to deliver he will definitely show his anger. We are the bosses and we can show him our feelings. Do you agree.

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    Even I agree with the thought that we should not accuse anyone for any issue but we should first judge ourselves. But, the Mumbai incident that has been talked off in which because of the flooding, the 4 storeyed building got collapsed, and it lead to death of atleast 21 people and more are still injured. Here there is no point of blaming ourselves. Because as Rao Sir said, that we are the tax payers and we have the complete right to question government of anything that can cause harm to us. We are the people who form this democracy and have full rights to ask and know the reasons of any problem or any issue . I was reading in newspaper and it says that India has been struggling through floods from last 15 years and due to this the base of many older buildings have got weakend. It is the responsibility of government to look at it and re-construct it. We can only file some papers and send some emails to the government to resolve problems but , to fulfill and complete it is only in the hands of the Government of that area.
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    The author has probably taken cue from the fact that when we pin point some one for the lapse of mistake with the pointed finger, the other three fingers beneath it say the middle, ring and small finger would point towards us. That means when we are about to make any accusation or remarks against others, we must be prepared to give the explanation of any wrong we have done in the past. For politicians such situation occur and that is common for them. In Nandyal when TDP has won the seat , the party chose to given credit for its development mantra and hence voters given the verdict. On the other hand YSRCP party also got formidable vote in the same constituency and that does not mean that Jagan Mohan Reddy party was completely discarded. So politicians have the knack of changing their track while abusing others without knowing their draw backs.
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