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    Why Spain people waste huge quantity of tomatoes in the name of Tomatina festival ?

    As usual and as held every year, today too the people of Spain participated in large numbers in the Tomatina festival which is nothing but playing with tomatoes, having a crush on it on the lines of our Holi festival. Every street of the Spain is seen with tomato juice and pulp flowing like a red water. When India is facing acute tomato shortage this season, by seeing such games, we feel angered as to why people are wasting tomatoes which can be donated to India and the poor will be ever grateful to Spain.
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    The answer is simple and logical. Tomato is produced in abundance in Spain. Even tomato grows in the wild in that country. So the Spaniards can afford to waste tomato in the Tomatina festival.
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    The question is availability. The particular vegetable to is available more than required and cheap also. Hence they can afford to use tomatoes. In every country basing on their beliefs and customs, irrespective of cost and availability people don't bother to consume the material. How much money is spent by Indians for Raksha Bandhan and also for Deepavali. This is a custom, I say.
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    It is a part of their custom then why should they bother about anything? Don't we burn crackers worth crores of rupees during our festivals?
    As far as donating to others, do the rich people sitting on heaps of money ever bother to donate a part of theirs to the poor?
    Last of all, we the Indians may be in need of something but we have self-respect and we would never prefer to spread our hands in front of others.

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    La Tomatina is hosted by the town of Bunol in Spain's Valencia region on the last Wednesday of August each year since 1945.La Tomatina has become the world's biggest food fight. There is nearly about 145,000 kg of tomatoes are expected to be used for this event.This is nearly one-hour event.This festival attracts tourists from all over the world.From the tourists the people generate a good income.In this region tomatoes are produce so much as they can consume. The result is oversupply of the tomatoes price will will and the farmers will suffer.

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    Festivals are the lifeline in any society. It is not a question whether tomatoes are available plenty or not. If not available they will switch to other material like mud bath or color powders etc.

    Festivals give us a break from our routine and boredom and infuse a new life. Some people eagerly wait for festivals. They will do all sort of volunteer work during the period and that also without renumeration.

    For example Holi festival is celebrated in India specially the northern part in such a spirit that a person not liking it can not go outside his house on that morning hours. There is a dust of colour in the air and people get all type of throat and lung problems but enjoy it fully.

    So the enjoyment and the fun behind it keeps it going whatever be the wastage of material or money may be there.

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    Is that mean big festivals which are celebrated in large scale are going to destroy one thing or the other just for the sake of pleasure ?
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    Did you ever think about Indians wasting Mega litres of milk daily on the name of worship? Tomato is nothing. It is once in a year for joy and entertainment. Nothing to feel or worry.

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    Not every one as devotee would do abhisekham with milk as thought by Sun. But at Spain the tomatoes are used and played by every one as the fun game.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr Mohan, I fail to understand your worry. Why should Spaniards be concerned about the poor in India when we ourselves do not really think about them when we spend money on so many avoidable things. I agree with Sun about the milk part. Hope you are aware about the liters of milk that is wasted on super stars in Tamil Nadu and Andhra (particularly) when their films are released.

    Celebrations does not calculate human miseries. They are part of culture and traditions and is to be enjoyed. Just keep those who cannot afford to in a corner of your mind and take care of them as possible by you. That can create a change.

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