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    New Rs. 50/- note is soon coming to the market

    After the release of new currency note of denomination of Rs. 200/- (Please refer to this post), it's now turn of Rs. 50/- notes in a brand new make-up! The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is going to launch new Rs 50/- notes very soon. The new Rs. 50/- notes will have a motif of Hampi (the capital of the famous Vihjaynagar kingdom) with sacred Chariot on the reverse, depicting India's rich cultural heritage. The base colour of the note will be fluorescent blue (this is one of my favourite colours). The note will have other designs, geometric patterns aligning with the overall colour scheme, both at the obverse (front) and at the reverse. Dimension of the banknote will be 66 mm x 135 mm. RBI had earlier said that it would issue new currency notes of Rs 50/- and Rs 20/-.

    Waiting eagerly for new, crispy Rs. 200/- notes and Rs. 50/- notes depicting India's cultural heritage.
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    Yes, that is correct Partha Sir and that 50 Rs note has arrived in the market. My father got it today. Its color seemed to be little greenish type. But I have not yet seen the 200 currency note, eager to see that too.
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    The other day I read the news that RBI has sent two truck loads of new 200 and 50 rupees notes to all the branches of banks and on inquiry the SBI which is my bank has denied having received the new notes. I think the banks are diverting the new notes to traders and big companies as this is the salary time and every one wants smaler currencies instead of big notes. Nevertheless it is high time India have notes of all denominations from 300 to 900 rupee denominations as it is amply satisfied by RBI that there is no duplicate notes rotating in the country and new high security notes of different denominations can be introduced and big note of 2000 can be withdrawn immediately. Why because when 2000 was first introduced, we have seen how people managed to get new notes for the old in high quantity and they are now stacking it.
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    Its good new things are always welcome . When New Rs. 500 came to market then everyone was saying old was good but quality of paper is good in new note so whatever decision made by Government is good.
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    I heard that only Rs.200/- notes were released and they are available with a few branches of RBI. Another news is that the ATMs are to be recalibrated for this new note. Till such time they will not come to ATMs. If Rs.50/- note is coming it will be nice. The description for this new note by the author is very good. I will also wait to see these new notes. However old Rs.50/- notes will be in circulation only.
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    Wonderfully described by the author and loved the way you have explained the details, I first tried to picturize it through your description. After commenting, I'll google out to see how well did my imagination match with your description.

    Waiting to actually see and feel those notes. I am yet to see the 200 Rs note, but to be honest, I didn't like the new 2000 and 500 Rs note, it felt more or less like the lottery ticket. This reminds me I should have written the TOW on this topic "The new notes looked more or less like the lottery ticket", but since we can only post one entry for the contest will let go of this topic for the contest Topic for TOW monthly contest for August 2017 - More or less

    I do hope the new notes are better. Excited to see them.

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