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    Let the children be induced to do house hold works instead of encouraging with cell games

    We have been coming across so many news that children are greatly attracted to the the cell phone games and some are dangerous which may induce them to the suicide tendency. The latest happening in Tamil Nadu where a boy was committed suicide due to Blue whale conspiracy game. So what I suggest that children should be allowed and made to understand their level of participation to keep the home clean, indulging in small works in many house hold activities, so that their mind can be diverted from playing cell phone games. Otherwise we are alone responsible for our child behavior and after effects.
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    I agree with you that children should be taught to do chores around the house - simple, age appropriate chores. However, to make children do chores in the hope that it will act as a distraction and keep them from indulging in wrong practices is a misconceived notion.

    I think it is more important to educate children rather than diverting their attention. You can only succeed in diverting their attention for some time. What about the rest of the time when children have access to computing devices and all the nefarious activities that they have access to?

    Parents must communicate with their children and must discuss pros and cons of things with them. Use examples to educate them. Shielding them from the ills that they are susceptible to is only a temporary remedy. Parents must prepare children so they can differentiate between what is good and what is bad for them. Children have to be taught to watch out for themselves.

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    I agree. These days the young boys and girls are getting addicted to smart phones and spending lots of time in social media sites or games. This is a very bad tendency. Parents should not allow their children to spend time on these items. They should take time and spend some time with the children to explain properly what are the ill effects of these games and if possible some examples can also be given to make it more clear to the children. They should see that they will not go these gadgets for unnecessary time pass.
    I observed with some parents giving away cell phone to children to avoid disturbance from them to the works of the parents. No. we should not give phones who are going to schools. If at all you want to give an ordinary cell which will not have other features except phoning.
    From the young age itself if we engage children in small small works they will also become responsible and try to help the parents. Giving birth is not the only duty, shaping them as responsible citizens also is the responsibility of parents

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    Recently there are news about blue whale games how it take the persons to commit suicide and now it said, that google has deleted from the play store.

    So it is better children should be keep away from cell games.

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    I do agree fully with the argument that children must be persuaded to do household works. Depending on the age groups suitable household jobs can be assigned to them. Similarly they must be persuaded to wash the dishes used by them. In the beginning they may not do it perfectly. Mistakes must be slowly corrected and slowly made perfect.

    In their studies also they need be given freedom to develop their own method of learning. While going for extra reading make sure the materials selected are good for them. These days several materials, both print as well as computer materials, are to be checked before the same is made available to them.
    Using smartphones by children must be discouraged, since it has already been established that it will take them to wrongs.


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    Children like to copy and imitate elders. So if elders are doing right things children will also have more probability to copy such good things. As children get bored with one thing easily and move to another thing,it is not possible nor right to keep them forceful engaged in one thing .

    The best way is to take them with us when we do some household chores and give them some small small matters, which they can do without strain as per their age. Then when they may feel bored after sometime, allow them to play with their toys or do some imaginary acting etc as per their free will. We may give them appreciations and give some token rewards to motivate them.

    If we do not engage ourselves in cell games , or we do not give them cell and ask them to play games with that and not to disturbs, children will take up various engagements including household chores.

    Much depends on how we behave, how we understand them and channelise them.

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