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    I have objection for TOW result.

    Editor wrote about my thread post- "A relevant point made about the factor that divides the people and a well presented thread". Yet, it got "also" a special prize, the reason is well known. A thread by editor which was truly not thought provoking but created (1)targeting few members, (2) two responses were deleted in that thread because I question Saji's intention in one response and in other I used the word "webmaster" and "editor", got TOW award. It is obvious when my thread will compete with editor's, the editor will win.

    The result itself is hypocritical.
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    @Jeets Sir... you won the award because your post was really thought provoking and had reality adorned in it. That is why editor selected it as a special prize award. I do not think there could have been any sort of hypocritics. I also do not think that you should take the editor's thread as a target to other members, as it was a general one based on the hypocritic nature of a human being and how everyone is the same. But yes there is one thing that I can agree to and that is "An editor will obviously have a better write up or post than the other fellow members of the forum., because they have higher experience and knowledge than us."
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Its look so cute to me when someone who is much younger to me try to make me understand. A nice way to express her thought to me. Pooja, you are a new and good contributor of this site and we need young people like you who can take this wonderful website to its new height. Let me wish you all the best and good luck to you.

    However, there is something called "experience" and people talk most of the time what they got experience in the same field. You are here for almost 5 month and I have completed my 5 years in ISC, we both are talking basically our own experience.

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