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    Should clouds instead of BMC be blamed for recent Mumbai tragedy owing to downpour?

    We saw how heavy rain brought Mumbai, the economic capital of India, to a horrifying halt. Most of the city was under knee deep water. We saw a paralysed administration and insensitive politicians blaming one another. Nothing has been changed after the devastating floods in 2005. The plans and programmes are on papers only. The political parties ruling BMC (BrahanMumbai Municipal Corporation) have came together to grab the power of this lucrative corporation and to save their coalition government in the state. Both the parties contested the BMC polls separately. There was lot of mudslinging between these two parties during polls. It was a shameless and unholy alliance formed against the mandate. Recently one Radio Jockey (RJ) made a video exposing the short comings of the BMC in a sarcastic manner. It exposed the conditions of manholes, gutters and the failure of the administration in contending Malaria and Dengue in the city. This enraged the BMC administration and they sent a notice to this RJ that she was breeding mosquitoes at her residence. It is becoming a trend that government and administration are not ready to listen to criticism. Any sort of criticism may be labeled as anti-national. I think clouds should be blamed rather than BMC for the tragedy to save oneself from the wrath of BMC administration. We should watch and listen to the government sponsored orchestra of psuedo-nationalism and Indian culture specifically organised to distract the common man from the core issues. Please opine.
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    This thread basically discusses difficulty of people due to heavy rain in Mumbai and contains a round of criticsm of the present office-bearers of the BMC (Shivsena supported by BJP). Perhaps this is the first time Mumbaikars have faced so much problem due to rain. So, 'criticism to bantai hai'.

    My only submission is the matter is being discussed in at least another live thread. So Editors may conisder locking this thread.

    This is only a suggestion.

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    Mumbai suffers from this perennial problem. Years ago when we were posted in Bombay I experienced the water stagnation, first hand. Rains there are heavy; it is almost always a deluge when it rains in Mumbai. And things worsen because of the hide tide, which prevents the water from flowing into the sea.

    Something has to be done because such flooding causes not just loss of lives, but also affects people. Water enters homes and shops – the common man suffers great losses.

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    For that matter not only BMC, or DMC, or GHMC or CMC are well equipped to face the flood like situation in big metros as the planning of drainage and sewerage was not done to meet current demands. We all know that Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and every small space counts there. Those who are locals and non locals have the habit of adjusting in any kind of dwelling and thus when the rain occurs unabated such stories would come up and for that BMC cannot be blamed alone. Continued influx of outside population to the city for studies and jobs putting heavy pressure on Mumbai dwelling and thus old buildings are unable to see the repairs and even smallest down pour either they give up or fell down. This kind of situation can happen any where in the country where ever old cities are flourishing without Municipal authorities taking any action.
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    Mumbai is a city of a group of erstwhile islands joined by many bridges and giving a look of a contiguous city. It is almost at see level. A good geographical portion is surrounded by see on all three sides. The rain water has to drain out into the sea only and the land cannot absorb water due its topography.

    Decades ago there were considerable area under marshlands and mangroves which used to sponge out the excess water, and also prevent sea water inundating into the land. However reckless construction and the 'development' due to human greed has sen that all these protective cover vanish.

    So when there is heavy and continuous rains,clubbed with high tide, instead of water draining into sea, the sea water pushes itself into the low lying areas . This not only prevents drain, but also makes it worse with the continuing rains contributing to water level rise up in the inhabited places. Depending on the tide timings and the intensity and continuity of rains the situation eases out or worsens.

    Though superficially one can blame the municipal corporation, actually every one of us is responsible as we clamour for more and more development at the cost of nature. Today it is Mumbai, but soon other similar cities will also face same situation.

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    The main point of discussion is the state of infrastructure in Mumbai rather whom to blame. It is of no use to blame somebody. People are suffering because of this poor infrastructure. The rain water has to go back into the ocean only
    There is no other way. Mumbai is such a crowded city, we find hardly vacant lands. The city is full of apartments and many inflow of people into the city is causing lot of increase in population density there. I think this is the main reason for the present state.
    In Hyderabad we experience lot of suffocation even a downpour for just 10 to 15 minutes. The whole city will come to stand still and all roads will be with full of vehicle jams.
    So many cities are not capable of facing heavy rain falls.

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    I lived in Mumbai. I remember that Mumbai comes to halt for at least one day in almost every Monsoon. The blame game goes on. Mumbaikar murmur for few days, newspapers remain flooded with criticism and dismay. After some days, Mumbai becomes normal. Mumbaikar forget the hardship and become indifferent. This flood will also be forgotten. Politicians know this thing and they rule on the short memory of the citizens. They keep pending the implementation of the reports and recommendations to avoid the flood like tragedies during downpour for their convenience and political mileage.

    Secondly, the citizens do not ask for the performance of the politicians. They vote many a times based on caste and religion and other local issues emanated owing to the corruption and the nexus between the politicians and administration. Politicians know how to polarise the voters and get votes. It is observed that water logging takes place owing to illegal constructions on the way of the natural drainage of water. There is a well known nexus between politicians and builders.

    Thirdly, we are divided and ill informed citizens. We can snatch power from the hands of these politicians, if we vote to candidates with clean image. Performance must be the criterion.

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