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    Attachment should be more or less

    In this forum I would wish to discuss whether in the recent generation what mistakes are done by parents. Now a days most of us are staying as nuclear family that to one child. By so parents are more attached to the children than attachment I can say they are becoming thoughtless and listening to the child what ever it say's. When a child is demanding at high price gifts they just buy for it. Parents never reject for anything what ever they demand. By this the child is developing superior quality where it will never accept no from others.
    I personally think that parents should neither be more attached nor less attached to the child till it complete's its teenage. They should be moderate at all levels because when the child completes its teenage it will have grown to maturity level and will understand what is good and what is bad for their future. Suppose if we satisfy all their demands by the end of teenage level they will have developed a superiority complex which is very difficult for their future and as well with their partners because they will not have adjusting nature with others.
    So as a parent we should not be more attached nor less attached with our emotions we should moderate in all aspects till our children complete their maturity period.

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    It is not the question of attachment but it is the question of nurturing. A parent can have a very good attachment with his children. But the parent should be able to tell him what is good and what is bad. Similarly they should be able to make the children to understand their point of view in accepting or rejecting the demand. What is the financial implication of her wish, how much it is useful . These things should be explained to the children. Doing this is not amounting to less attachment. Parents should be able to brought up their children as a responsible citizens
    But as explained by author accepting all the demands of the child is not correct and it will lead to pampering of the child and ultimately we will be spoiling the children only. Always there should be a balance. Have more attachment by tutoring children but not by giving whatever they wanted.

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    For every parent their children is the top most priority. They toil for the children, they earn for the children and they are ready to get blamed for the children. This is the tendency of every parent, even be it mother or father. I have seen many parents sacrificing their share of food that is most liked by the child and thus they see some glowing happiness in the face of the child while eating his favorite food. Pampering is dangerous but getting the things demanded by the child is not the bad idea. Nevertheless a child should not feel that he was not cared and his demands are not met. Just imagine of the parents wont care him or get the things he demands, he goes for alternative. Either to steal or borrow from others for a while. Such tendency should be avoided which would alienate the child from the parents in future.
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    Attachment and expectations are the two things which are mainly the cause of our woes.

    If we do lot of sacrifice for our children but do not get proper reciprocation we become sad and grief takes over us. Our expectations were not delivered by them. Our hopes shattered.

    We are attached to our family members, our friends or our relatives and if they do something bad to us we are hurt. We never expected this from them. So the main cause of our grief is basically our thinking and mental frame.

    It is better to do your duties and forget it. This will make our life more peaceful.

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