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    Why is Mahabaratha silent on karna Draupadi ethical debate?

    Mahabaratha gives explaination for each and every death of major characters. It makes sure that their enemies come and have discussion with them about ethics. For eg. When Bishma dies sikandini come and explains her version of ethics and why she killed bishma by treachery. But the very important character karna and Draupadi never discuss about ethics. In fact the entire war is because of these two people. Karna was one who suffered all his life because of his caste. Krishna on death bead of karna consoles him by saying when world degrades anyone by caste then it will come to an end as like Mahabaratha destruction. Hinduism considers caste oppression to be sin of extreme cruelty and clearly Krishna explains that it is the worst cruelty a society can commit
    Similarity Draupadi was a women who faced abuse all her life for being a free spirited women. Krishna similarily tells Draupadi that Mahabaratha war is because society has done the ultimate crime by wronging a woman.
    But unfortunately karna and Draupadi were arch rivals. While Draupadi degraded karna by caste karna remained mute spectator to wrongs against Draupadi when his friend Duryodhana was humiliating her. In fact only karna could have stopped the act as he was not bound by any vows at time. But karna remembered how he was degraded by caste by Draupadi and stood silent.
    But these two characters never meet and discuss why they did so to each other. In fact Mahabaratha is silent on any conversation between Draupadi and karna after Karna death. What is your opinion on this important issue because this has very much relevance in modern world.
    Even today caste oppression and crime against women leads to destruction of society. What do think would have been a conversation between karna and Draupadi on their actions.?
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    No where in Mahabharata there is no indication of Draupadi and karna meeting each other and talking directly. But some created stories were created saying that Draupadi was having a wish to marry karna also. But it is never true. Karna as far as I see never got suppressed. In fact he was given a seat beside Duryodhana, the king. The same Duryodhana refused to give 5 villages to Pandavas where as he offered a kingdom to Karna. So I don't accept the logic in saying he was suppressed because of caste. These days also our government is encouraging some caste by giving reservations etc.

    As far as women abuse is concerned it was there at that time and it is there today also. Many women are getting effected. Today I have seen in news paper that a girl was coming to Vijayawada from Chennai. Some young people started teasing her. She was not able withstand that and jumped out of rail. Luckily at that moment train was moving slow. She survived but heavy injuries she got. This is what is to be attacked seriously and a solution should be arrived to solve this.

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    But sir karna was actually to be heir apparent to throne of Delhi. Not some friend of Duryodhana and become king of a kingdom hitherto ruled by demons. He was deprieved of legitimate fight with Arjuna in archery test, denied entry into school of Drona, denied even a chance in Draupadi syamwar. Karna pleaded with Draupadi to reject with any other reason than caste. But she refuses and degrades him of caste. Do you really think Karna was given fair chance?

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    Well I always get pity at the character of Karna and I keep myself in that place, when every Mahabharath is viewed or debated. He was humiliated on the basis of caste by the entire Kauravas and even Pandavas and it was Duryodhana who came to the rescue and made him his deputy. Having shown that gesture, for Karna, Duryodhana is the God father and he cannot say anything against him even though wrong things are happening just front of his eyes. Yes he was only person who could have stopped Draupadi being disrobed. But again the faithfulness of Duryodhana shown to him has prevented him to remain keep quiet and watch the proceedings.
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    Imagine a man shunned by his mother. Expelled by his teacher. Detested by the society.
    Imagine a man who's immortal talent was never recognized until his death. Imagine a man who was denied everything he deserved. His name is Karna.
    When everyone else looked down at him, a friendly hand advanced towards his shoulders and the stranger looked into his eyes. Duryodhana was the only trustworthy comrade that this wretched person had found in this ungrateful planet. He had devoted himself to Duryodhana and sought his sanctuary. He was a slave. A slave yearning for love. Duryodhana's heart was his only master. Duryodhana owned him.
    How could he accuse his master? How can he defy his protector? How can he go against his whole world?
    So Karna stood impotently,bent his head helpless down, grating his teeth not with anger but sheer impotency.
    If he went against Duryodhana then, what would have been the outcome anyway? Was it truly the harassment of Draupadi that birthed war?
    Duryodhana had already disgraced the Pandavas until then. No loyal wife will remain calm while her husband/s are dishonored. Draupadi would have avenged them the either way.
    Karna's inaction or action would have a little significance anyway. Looks like he knew that very well. So he remained calm knowing that he'll be of a little help. He was also, unsure of the depths of Duryodhana's love for him.

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