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    More or Less everyone learns to compromise

    Adjustment, adaptation, compromise or the big word among this list scarify. A list of words, having more or less similar meaning. We all learn these qualities as we grow up and that's what makes us human more or less we all have some trait of this quality which helps us to adjust everywhere.
    Our adaptation to various environments, our adjustment with different communities other than us, our compromises and sacrifices for the good of our family, clan, and society these are the things which made our survival with such prosperity possible for so many long years.
    From the day a mother carries a child in her womb she makes so many scarifies for her child spends so many sleepless nights just to watch him sleep peacefully, from the day the father looks at his child for the first time he lives his life for him even give up his own desires and aspirations for the future of that child. A child as he grows up learns this process bit by bit starting with small adjustments than bigger adjustments, compromises and lastly sacrifices.
    Even animals learn this quality and thus live in a community adjusting and compromising according to one another's needs.
    It's hard to believe if somebody says he/she has done no compromises in his/her life. Whether rich or poor, smart or fool, human or animal whoever comes to this world learns to adapt, adjust, compromise and scarify more or less but definite.
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    Yes this is the good observation made by the author connecting to the tow topic. For that matter compromise is the way of life to which we have to get adjusted and get adopted. Not everything we plan and aim would be achieved and had, one has to have the broad mind and heart to settle for less even at the cost of forgoing a share to others who are deprived off. As we grow from the childhood, we know the essence of sharing. In a house when two children are present, the elder one would compromise with the younger one by sparing his toys, his learning experience and above all shares all the eatables with the young one. As we grow up into to teens, we give way for the elders to have the say on our life and as we grow up elder , we give the chance to young ones to develop and flourish even at the cost of our knowledge and know how. That is the way of life everyone has to live and lead and there should not be any second thought..
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very thought provoking thread from the author.

    During the journey of the life there are many struggles and during that one has to sacrifice many things in order to achieve the objectives set.

    There are situations when one is forced to compromise or adjust as there is no other way except that. One may be willing or not willing for those adjustments but without them one cannot move ahead.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Adjustments and compromise are the two basic traits of life that need to be learnt in order to survive in the present world. We should try to develop these qualities since childhood. One who can learn these traits and apply them in life can get better results in comparison to others who are stubborn and not ready to adjust or compromise.

    While travelling in a public transport, we are often required to adjust our seats with others. This creates a sense of fellow-feeling also. Many a times it has been observed that people who adjust with others, become good friends.

    To compromise is another trait that helps up to get good returns in the long run. If we compromise with the situations we face in schools, colleges and work places, we can develop better relationships with our friends and colleagues.

    However, one should compromise to a certain extent only and should never submit completely. That may become disastrous.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Compromise and adjustment. These two play a very important role. Without these two qualities a human being can't lead a peaceful life in this world. Life is always full of compromise and adjustments. We are not ready to compromise with people and situations we may have to face difficult situations. Because of these qualities only we have many friends and relatives. If you are not ready to compromise, no one will help you and you will be left alone.
    Sometimes we may aim and plan for a particular achievement but we may not be able to achieve it 100% but we may go up to 90% and we should be satisfied with our achievement and we should compromise with that. This is the way of life.

    always confident

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