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    In our daily routine, you can't please everyone; so don't try it!

    By this time you too might have experienced it. We can't please everyone by our actions. We may represent different walks of life and we have relations with with everyone by means of our relationship, friendship and our profession. We may have to take important decisions and may need some suggestions from others. We can take their advice but the final decision should be resting with us. In such scenario, you should not hesitate take some stand which may not be welcomed by some.

    Remember, an individual who tries to please everyone can only follow the crowd and can't go beyond while he who prefers to go alone would find a new way no one has been before.
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    Standing up for what I think is right and speaking against what I think is wrong is my ideology. I believe in doing things that give me satisfaction. In doing so, I make a lot of enemies (smiling), but then I believe that we must be true to ourselves and not shape ourselves to please others.

    What the author has said is right, you can never please everyone. So, it is best to follow your heart and do as you please, provided of course that no one else is being harmed in the process. Our principles and our way of life should not infringe on another's freedom. If that is done then I see no wrong in it.

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    An excellent thread from Mr. Patro! I almost agree to his view. Only I feel that a person who tries to please everybody, ultimately pleases nobody and himself/herself becomes object of ridicule.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I don't think that I need to prove anyone here that I don't follow crowd, may be this is why I have more enemies than friends. However, I have seen this gentleman author following crowd many time in ISC, the best example is his silence in those moment where he need to speak. But, we know money play a big part in any kind of decision we take and it is up to us if we want to sale our soul for it or not.

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    Well, indifference appears to be the only solution then. If you accept every situation indifferently without resistance, then life's awesome. But that's not practically possible.
    Humans aren't capable of apathy. And showing care to someone, means less care towards the other. This sparks distrust and disdain. So, pleasing everyone at a stretch is only possible if you don't act at all. That's the reason why Gods please everyone. That's the reason why people went crazy over preachers like Buddha and Jesus. Because, though these great men preached non-violence and love, it is not wrong to say that they were indifferent to everyone. Being kind to everyone, means no one is special. So, what happened to those indifferent god-men in the end? They were left all alone at death. If you're indifferent and choose no one or nothing, world chooses to disown you. See, a paradox.
    You shun the world to escape the hatred. World shuns you because you refuse to fit in.
    It is impossible to please yourself, let alone everyone.

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    In our daily life we come across situations which are very favourable to us as there are people who are helping us and even guiding us for our career or well being in our life. There is no harm in conveying our thanks or wishing them well or reciprocating good deeds to them within our capacity.

    On the other hand sometimes adverse situations are there and things are not going in the anticipated ways and we are unhappy about that. Someone above us in cadre shouts on us without our fault and we keep mum to please him or not to confront him. Many people adhere to that strategy while some people do not tolerate and revolt.

    So it differs from person to person but in long run those who keep mum are benefitted.

    I agree that unnecessary pleasing someone tantamount to buttering but as the people get something in their favour by doing this, they adhere to it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is humanly impossible to please every one. If we try to please everybody finally we will be nowhere. Many critical moments we may be passing in our life. Those times we may seek the advice of various people whom we will be known to us and related to us. Whatever advises you get, finally it is you to take the decision. In this process we make some foes, but we can't help it. We have to take care of our problems.
    Many people will advise us but we have to use our own judgement as we are the persons to face the music of the decision whether good or bad. Nobody will own the responsibility. So we should be on our own. That is what the famous proverb says, Lent the ear to all but take your own decision.

    always confident

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    I completely agree with the author. We can never satisfy everyone with our activities. People have different mentality. What satisfies someone may be unpleasant to other. In that case, we can please only one and not both.
    There is a story about a father and his young son going to sell their donkey in the market. All three are on foot. Some elderly people see them and suggest that the man should ride on the donkey. The man obliges and after some time, they again meet some young men who suggest that the young boy should ride on the donkey. They oblige again and both of them ride on the donkey. Next they meet some other men who express their anger saying its cruelty to the poor beast.
    So where is the scope of pleasing everybody?

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    The problem with every one of us that we want to be in the good books of every one and want to have their patronage and liking for our every work done and we also want to have a good friendship of long lasting. In that regard we tend to impress in various ways and sometimes we go over board and that over confidence would bring bad experience. Yes convincing every one and pleasing every one may not be possible, but a probing can be done as regards to those who are stubborn and wont heed to the request normally and that kind of probing would definitely lead to a conclusion through which even that person can be tamed to our liking. One thing is sure, in this world every one wants to be listened and heard. If you are capable of listening to others with patience, you are the most likely friend and long lasting partner. This is the secret of success for many to which every one has to agree and follow.
    K Mohan
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