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    Is private security is a legal thing or illegal thing?

    As we see some celebrities do have a private security what they are called as bouncers what the work of these bouncers is to safe guard the celebrity from different threats.Some times we usually in news paper and television we see these bouncers physically attack the follower who wants to meet their favorite star. As we see the Gurkhas, Security Guards to safe guard for a private asset or wealth is it a legalized thing.What are the powers they will have to defend the trespassers?for example, if you see a security guard before ATM center he doesn't have any weapon his hand maximum he holds one stick.He doesn't look too energetic.Knowledgeable members, please post a view on this.
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    Whether it is government security guards or private security personnel both have to follow certain rules and regulations of security setup at any installation. There is nothing illegal about this. People can have private security guards for their own security also.

    The important thing in this respect is that the security guard can not take law in his hand. He can only try to protect the person for whom he is hired or the installation for which he is deputed. The security guard cannot keep a gun just like that. As per the rules and regulations a gun can be given to a security guard only after getting the licence for it and the justification by the owner of the installation in this matter.

    In many countries security guards have adequate arms to protect the installation as well as theirselves. So far we do not have such set up in our country.

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    In this country we can hire private security for safeguarding our houses or our factories or ourselves. Engaging private security is not illegal. In fact many people want to use ex military people who have arm licence also. But as mentioned by Umesh, they should restrict themselves to their duty ie safeguarding the matters which comes into his purview only. He should not go beyond that. If he goes it will become illegal.
    These security guards who provide security to famous personalities some times show extra enthusiasm and go beyond their levels. There they will give chance to all media and news papers to high light the issues and make merry.

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    Normally security means policing and even common man can have the services of Policeman guarding them , of course for a fees and price. It is illegal to have the private security. What I have invariably seen that some ex-serviceman start the private security agency by recruiting ex -serviceman or retired persons to guard, Banks, ATM, installations and malls. They agree for a price to each one as salary and have cut as commission before paying to each security guard. Invariably no security guard does have any weapon to either safeguard him or others from any possible attack. What I have seen that most of the security guards manning ATM would keep open the same up to 10 pm and close the door from inside and have the nice sleep by keeping no cash stock outside. So he his sleep wont be disturbed, and not have the fear of thieves. And so are the so called bouncers, who only create fear factor and nothing else.
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