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    Is your enemy's enemy necessarily your friend?

    "My Enemy's Enemy is my friend."
    This is an old proverb, has been appeared to said by Chanakya which is been seen even today's world politics or our internal politics or in our daily life. However, my question is – Is it necessarily?

    At least in Indian politics and in Bollywood this proverb doesn't work. Here one's situation is more important to have a friendship. If the Situation is beneficial there may be many friends and if not you are alone. More or less it is the same in our life too. So, if one believes in this proverb, he/she must be careful because you may never know when your "this" friend can become "Evil" for you.
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    Our enemy's enemy need not be our friend. Your enemy's enemy may be enemy to you. We can't go by this proverb. If you are in good position many people will be your friends but if you require help from others you will not have many friends. You will be alone at that time. When you have money with you many will be your friends but when you don't have you are alone. So we should be careful in making friendship with people. So we can't go by a common principle that foe's foe is our friend.
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    It is an old proverb which was basically used in the political and diplomatic circles in ancient times. When the king of a kingdom was fighting against the other kingdom he was searching for an enemy of that kingdom so that he could join hands with him and win the fight.

    This was the most common practice at that time and probably Chanakya took lead from that and enacted this famous proverb.

    In today's context this may not be very applicable as various countries are connected with each other through various treaties and agreements. Similarly the modern day people are also connected to each other with certain rules and regulations and it is difficult to generalize this proverb in that scenario.

    Anyway taking advantage of enemy's enemy is still there and intelligent people are taking mileage out of that.

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    Normally those who are cunning and those who have more concerns about others progress and wont sleep without ascertaining the well being of competitors, for them enemies enemy would be the best friend. I have seen this tendency much present in women who are gossip seekers. Invariably they make friendship of those who are common friend of each other . And suddenly of the other friend part ways with her , she get to know more about other as she would know much better because of her daily rapport with her. This way the gossip mongers would spend their time taming the happenings of others who happens to be enemy.
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