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    Life is more or less an illusion

    We all define life from our different perspectives. We all try to give it a meaning. But have we really generated that awareness in us with the help of which we can define life in a single sentence? For some of us, it is a journey. For others, it is a destination. Some say, it is full of obstacles and thus bumpy whereas others sail in it very smoothly and for them it is an easy ride. For some of us, attachments we create serve lots of meaning and purpose whereas others feel that detachment itself is the truth. As many people, those many definitions of life. It seems that we are living, but rarely understanding the truth behind it.

    Lack of complete awareness makes us feel that the world in which we are living is real. We simply do not believe that life is an illusion and that is because we do not want to hear a definition of life which is completely different from ours. When we consider life to be real, we attach ourselves to number of things. If someone says, it is an illusion then all our attachments become fake. This is what scares us.

    To find the truth, deep knowledge is required and it only comes with complete awareness which include awareness about self, awareness about others and our relationship with God. Once we are capable of answering all those questions which sometimes generate within us but we kind of shut them down internally as we do not have answers to them, only then it can be said that we are liberated. The more deep we go, more clear understanding develops. When we reach a stage of complete awareness, we will understand how shallow physical world is and only then we will understand that life is more or less an illusion. It is an illusion created by us for our convenience and if we manage to walk through dark paths to reach bright life only then we will successfully discover the ultimate path i.e., we will discover our creator. Until and unless, real truth is found, world itself will seem pretty much real to us as we are completely engulfed in living in darkness.

    This is an entry for the TOW contest- More or less.
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    A very good thread; an excellent narration. But I don't agree to the basic contention of this thread. Life is not an illusion, it is very much real. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second we live a real life. It is not proper to treat reality as illusion.
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    Very nice article. Thought provoking ideas and well narrated.

    Mankind is still in search of the mysteries of human life and it's objective. Some say it is a contracted period by the almighty as per our actions in our past life while others say there is nothing like that and it is a biochemical process like all other animals and a person dies of aging only in a time as per his physical conditions and genetic composition.

    So interpretation differs from community to community including scientific community. Whatever be the mystery behind our life there is a big curtain between the reality and this world.

    From that perspective it follows that life is not known fully and could be an illusion or dream or something we do not understand.

    Knowledge is power.

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    If life is an illusion then what is reality. God is reality whom no one has ever seen. Whose existence is under suspicion and doubt. If I will start thinking from the author's point of view then I know that next moment I am going to land up in some mental hospital. If our life is not reality, if this earth and the people around us are mere illusion then what the hell is real on this earth. We say that God has given us this life and again we are told to search for God within us. Is God playing hide and seek with us? First he endowed us this beautiful human life and then he wants to search him within us. Is that all for which we are on this planet? To play hide and seek then depart from here.

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    I don't agree with the author's views. Life is not an illusion but a bitter reality. Illusion or fantasy is what one imagines but never ever experience. Whereas joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains and success and failures are hard realities that one faces in life. Then how can we cay that life is illusion ?
    One who lives will certainly face the realities of life. The problems of life are faced by one and all; whether rich or poor.

    I agree that the struggles and problems vary from man to man depending upon many factors, but nobody can avoid it Had life been an illusion, there would have been no struggles and problems in life.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    Life is never an illusion. Life is real. Before life and after life may be an illusion, as no one knows it or experienced. True there are many definitions for life and people may infer and define differently. But life is to live. You may be may be joyful or the other way. We have to enjoy the moments or we have to face the problems. They vary from person to person. The way they come we have to face it. But life is to live and it is never an illusion.
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    What I feel that those who are decided that life is waste, for them this life has no meaning and it seems to be illusion and they are living for nothing. Why one should think that life is illusion. Life is lively, enjoy every moment of it. If you take daily life there would be some classy moments from morning till evening when something would have happened and that would have bought a smile or laughter in your face. Remember such incidence and happenings when ever you are down or not getting connected to the win and success situation. Surely you would have positive energy emanating from your heart. Every morning wake up with good intention and be assured that good things are going to happen today. That way when you start doing any task or work, it gets into success mode and you are tasting the winning situation. Never be negative and never be carried away from the critics observation, they are providing you the clue to develop one step ahead.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I do not agree that life is illusion to them who feel that it is a complete waste or those who have failed in each and every thing. As I mentioned, we all have different perspectives and we define life as per our opinions. We create attachments in this physical world and then spend every second of our life worrying about losing them when we know that we are going to anyway part from them one day or the other. This itself is a sign of illusion. One who is free from illusion will never experience the fluctuations which we often experience in our day to day life. We may say that person is emotionally unavailable, but it is easier to label others rather than getting to know them.

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    Life is not an illusion, it is completely real. Every human being takes up life in a different perspective. May be you called it an illusion , because people say that life is all about lust and just doing something and going with the flow. Every single step that we take in our life is completely a reality. This human life is a reality, we can walk and talk, and express , this is reality. Not necessarily that understanding about Self or having an understand with God is only about reality of life. Reality of life indicates what we are doing and what we are ought to do. Life is actually an experience, which involves multiple incidents both good and bad, making this life more beautiful and worthy for everyone.
    Do what inspires you !!

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