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    Mistakes are part of human; more or less, they are the lessons of the life

    Committing mistakes are common but the greatest mistake would be not learning a lesson from them and repeating the same. You might have made a lot of mistakes, doesn't matter, after all they were your life lessons. Note that the person in you should realize the mistakes and try to be better than you were yesterday.

    Appreciate your mistakes as they are human and more precious life lessons can only be learnt through blunders we did or the hard times we passed through. Just live in present and accept the reality without day dreaming as Life is not a problem to be solved by just dwelling on the mistakes of the past. Mistakes are more or less represent the reality to be experienced and they are the lessons and true teachers of life. Don't think about how hard you can hit; learn to withstand when you got hit harder and move forward.

    Man may be a social animal and a part of the social fabric which doesn't mean that one should live only for other people. As someone has said, "You've got to do what's right for you, even if it hurts some people you love."|

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    Mistakes are definitely part of life, but we must not repeat the same mistake. Repetition of same mistake may not be very well for the future.
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    This is the direct hit from the author connecting to the tow topic. Yes by doing mistakes, we are in the process of learning and it is the way of life. There is a very good proverb in Hindi which needs to be quoted here. Ghaltian karo, par wahi ghalthi dubhara na karna. That means make mistake but never repeat the same mistake. Some people claim that they have committed no mistakes their life which is wrong notion. That means they have not tried anything unique nor tried some thing extra ordinary through which the mistakes are bound to occur and a formidable lessons can be learned. In a laboratory so many researches takes places daily. Not all would be successful and result oriented. Some tests would fail and give the opportunity to learn further procedures to get the right result next time. That is the process of progress to which no one can deny. Same is the case with our daily life too.
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    Yes mistakes are the part of human life which can never be avoided. To err is human nature but the most important fact is that how do we respond to failures. Some people give up after few setbacks while some keep going, learning from their failures. I remember some lines which I read on Facebook wall.
    Once a reporter asked a successful business man, what is the secret of his success.
    The business man replied, "Right decisions".
    The reporter asked how he make right decisions?
    He replied, "with the help of my experiences".
    The reporter further asked how he gain experiences?
    The businessman replied, " by learning from failures".

    Edison failed 10,000 times before he invented light bulb. But he did not give up, he learnt from his failures and keep going and rest is history.

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    What you have put across in this post is very true. Failures should always be taken with positivity. They should be looked upon as lessons that help us attain perfection.

    Failures are essential because they keep us grounded. Failures also keep us on our toes; they help us plan ahead and help us work on our strategies, a little better. Failures teach us to not be complacent. They teach us to put in more effort. They drive us to achieve our goals. They make us look into details and teach us to be thorough in what we do. We learn to appreciate the fact that little things matter too, because, sometimes it is the little things that go wrongs and that can result in our failure.

    A success that comes easily can lead to overconfidence in us and in our abilities. We choose to ignore the threat and the competition that others pose.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    There is a famous proverb that goes 'To err is human and to forgive divine'. People often make mistakes in life. If we are hurt due to one's mistake, we often become furious and react sharply. But we should realize that nobody makes a mistake intentionally. There fore, we should have the heart to forgive him with a warning that it should not be repeated.

    A wise man always learns something new from his mistake. He learns that his mistake might hurt someone and even bring sufferings to others. So it is always better to think twice before doing or saying anything whether it would be appropriate to do or say so.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    What author has said is easier said done. It is true that we should learn from our mistakes but what about those mistakes which are done deliberately? I am surprised that it is not come in author's mind. Is he want to hide anything?

    However, good to see that the way he concluded this thread.

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    Doing a mistake is not a sin. You have done a mistake. It indicates that you are doing some works.To err is human. But not learning from those mistakes is a sin. During the course of performing some tasks, we may be going wrong and expected results may not be coming. As a performer you have analyse the actions taken and understand where and how that mistake happened.In that process you will get the way of doing correctly also. Then you will never commit the same mistake. Instead of doing that if you go on worrying about the failure, you can't go anywhere, you will be loser.
    If you are afraid of your mistakes you can't achieve anything in your life time and will be stamped as a non performer which is a bigger mistake. So always work logically and methodically. Take corrective actions for the mistakes committed and proceed. You will be a successful person

    always confident

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