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    Do you wait for the opportunity or create a chance for that from your side ?

    In this world of competition and cunning attitude, though you may be eligible and right candidate, the opportunities wont come knocking and we have to search for it. Some times we have to go to the extent of creating a chance to have that opportunity coming our way. If the opportunity is visible to every one, then there are lesser chances even for the top order eligible candidate. So we must be alert and ever be watching around over new happenings and vie for the chance to compete and beat others, otherwise we remain top order only on paper.
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    Personally I wait for the right opportunity because it's no use to struggle against your odd time as it only adds to your problem. But it does not mean that I just sit idle and expect that my luck will do me a favour one day and things are going to be alright. I keep a close eye on the ongoing events and always search for an opportunity to exploit it for my benefits.
    But I don't dare to take risk in creating opportunities because my past experiences never allow me to do so.

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    We can prepare ourselves for the right opportunity but we cannot create it ourselves. It will come at its own time and we cannot create it by using all our wits and intelligence. However, if we are unprepared when it comes, we may lose the chance to grasp it.
    Therefore, it is always desirable to wait with full preparedness and watch carefully for the opportunity so that we do not miss it when it knocks our door.

    I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

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    Nobody will invite you and say it is yours. What we want and what will be your ambition you only know. The second person don't know what is there in your mind. So definitely you have to search for a chance which suits you and grab the opportunity. Then you will be successful. Some time we may have to create or convert the chance in such a way that it will suit you.
    In 2006, our colony is almost filled. No empty plots to purchase. But I want to be in the same colony. So I am searching very seriously. Luckily I found a piece of land. But the land is almost 600 Sq.Yards. But my planning is to buy only 300 sq.yards. But the owner told that he will sell whole land as one piece only. I don't want to leave that piece. So I paid a small advance and made him to wait. Then I started searching for a party who will take 300 sq.yards from that. Finally I could trace one known person who is interested to take and I settled the issue. By thinking that I can't afford the whole land, if I have not progressed I might have missed the bus. There I converted an opportunity to my convenience and got the desired.
    As an human being we can't wait for a chance to come, you have to convert the available opportunities to your convenience.

    always confident

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    I love to venture into areas where no one has trodden so far. By doing so, either I learn a lesson for life or I earn something so valuable for life, either way, I know I am to be held responsible. I don't try my luck there nor do I try to create any opportunities over there. As the author mentioned opportunities has to be searched for and if it does come knocking on your door grab it.

    Looking for luck to work in my personal opinion is a sign of weakness. As we are depending on luck factor to work.

    Instead work hard and venture out for the things that you love to do. Look out for maximum opportunities as the author as has mentioned.

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    If you wanted to achieve success in life. You need to be ready for both things. If opportunity comes you should grab it by both hands and if you can try to make a chance in you life. Trying for both is good thing. Opportunity or chance in life.

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    I ditto Nomita Mitra's opinion ( vide post 607749) " is always desirable to wait with full preparedness and watch carefully for the opportunity so that we do not miss it when it knocks our door.".

    In real life I also I am not a queue jumper. I would rather patiently wait for my turn to come. But I would keep myself equipped for the responsibilities so that I can take them up when assigned. In this regard, I can say for sure that, because of my non-aggressiveness and non-manipulative character I would have missed or got delayed certain things which I deserved and was normally due to me. But I have no regrets. I took them on a philosophical note. Hence I am happy and contented, and do not have any regrets. I take that whatever had happened was good to me.

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