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    All of us are searching her-but have you found her?

    Since the day we became conscious, all of us have been searching her. Every day we search her. We yearn for her. We pray to God to enable us to find her. All the great men have asked us to find her. Our elders have asked us to find her. She is most sought after.

    But although she is most sought-after, she is very elusive. We try to find her but very few could become successful in their quest. She is very elusive. The quest for her is itself a great individual journey.

    What about you? Have you found her? Have you been successful in your quest?

    Have you found 'Shanti' (peace/solitude) in life?
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    A thought provoking thread indeed. Since ancient time, people are in search of peace of mind . Even our great saints and holy men were no exception. They went to lonely places; in the forests and on the mountains and spent years in meditation in quest of peace. But it was allusive even to them.
    In this context, I remember a very funny incident. One of our colleagues was married to an illiterate village woman. Once, he invited some of us to his house. During our conversations on various issues, he mentioned about a problem that was bothering him for many days. A friend of mine gave him a reasonable solution and then said in Hindi, 'Ab shanti ke saath soiye.' (Now you can sleep in peace.)
    His wife was also present in the room. She angrily reacted 'Who is that shanti? Why should he sleep with her?'
    We all burst into loud laughter.

    Every day is a new day for learning something new.

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    It is funny that we search for peace outside whereas it resides within us. We are either ignorant of the fact or simply do not want to agree that peace is our inherent inner quality. We search for it in outside world. We have been searching it since centuries and will continue to do so because our focus is always towards outside. For a second if we shift our focus from outside to inside then we will definitely seek it.

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    How to be in peaceful mode , is all dependent on you and your attitude. Peace can come to those who are satisfied lot without seeking for more. That means those lead the contended life with the available resources and wont demand more are the best people in this world. The main reason for unrest and commotion in our life is that we want to go beyond our requirement and having jealous of others we want to acquire some thing more which is not required at all. So this selfish attitude would stop us to think and search for peace which wont come any way as our mind would be agitated and we are puzzled with different actions in one time and the results would be misfiring. The simple way to get peace in life is never to poke nose on others affair, be content with what we got, and let the life goes on its way without planning for extravagant to which we are not eligible to show off at all.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    People need mot search for peace. Iy will search and come the person, if he is a content person. A person who is very happy with whatever he had, will hwve complete peace. But we have to decide our priorities. If you want to work hard and get more and more money and you are not satisfied with whatever you have, even you search for Shanti it will not reach you. Only Ashanti will come to you, Instead of that you are satisfied with whatever you have and if you don't run after money, Ashanti will come to you and stay with you for ever. So you have to decide your priorities. More greed and worldly happiness will keep you away from peace and happiness. For peace you need not go to lonely places and perform japam and all that. If you want to have no next birth then you have to go lonely places and do all sorts things to have the kind rays on you and he will give you moksham.
    always confident

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