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    Are we even in the need of antivirus software?

    Do you really think anti-virus software is very essential? Some consider it as useless when you already have Google Defender installed, while others do see the necessity to put in additional anti-virus software.

    Every time you download something or share something to your PC, laptop or phone (Android) Google scans it for virus and it does the job of detecting excellently.

    Now, no one would be dumb enough to download a software with malware right?

    Is the need of antivirus software even real then? Your antivirus cannot detect a new virus so it's incapable of it's detection. Different forms of viruses come into industry everyday. So, antivirus software aren't very reliable after all. In fact most industries don't even have antivirus in their systems. It's good because antivirus apps cause lagging and reduces production.

    Hence, Android antivirus apps are useless. Windows defender protects latest versions from viruses naturally. Also, it is protected from all sorts of viruses because no sharing takes place to other phones. It provides the finest security compared to all other platforms.

    So, my question is, why do we still rely heavily on these RAM-occupying and space-occupying useless apps?
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    Sometimes I also get pondered over this issue. When we are buying a new software, it is supposed to be company built with all security features and when it was installed, the program should be done without asking for any antivirus scan. But we have been getting duplicate software which are not original with licence number and so and therefore there is a tendency of virus entering our computer and our data may be missing or stolen. So our safety we have to scan again for any possible virus and then install. Is there any system to get rid of this again and again.
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    It's a psychological approach, we try to give maximum protection to our devices as much as we can rather than regret it later.

    For e.g though our mobile might come with the best screen such as gorilla glass which advertises that its hard to break yet we prefer to put a screen guard.

    Though very few might know the technicalities of why it is even required. Google might do the job of scanning for any new virus but offline when you try to connect to external devices, antivirus such as Quick Heal does a very good job by scanning it and sometimes if it finds that the external device is corrupted it won't even allow the device to be connected. We may not be able to entirely safeguard our devices even with the installation of the best anti-virus because there are many new viruses which keep attacking, but yet to certain extent we can prevent our devices from external attack with the help of genuine Anti-virus.

    There are many fake anti-virus present in the market for easy download, that can cause more harm to our devices than any good. So we need to be very careful with the antivirus that we chose for our device.

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    It is not about RAM, We and people have plenty of RAM free in computers and Antivirus these days don't occupy much RAM until it starts scanning some device. I used my computer for many years without any antivirus or other things. If your PC don't connect with external devices much, you will be safe for sure. But you are regularly using pen drive from other sources. Keep in mind that you should scan data.

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    Antivirus software is an additional protection and it is a fall back arrangement. As mentioned by the others are software programmes will have built in antivirus systems. Even then we have a anti virus software in our system, it will provide additional protection. Nowadays all electrical appliances will have in built stabilisers. Even then we provide an external stabilisers as an additional protection.
    Anti virus software may not occupy more space in RAM. Many people use computers without any antivirus. As long as we are not connecting pen drives or other external devices which are also getting connected to other computers , we don't require any other antivirus software.

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    It is actually one's thinking to install antivirus and consider it as a form of real security in a laptop, pc or even a mobile. Even in my organization too, they consider the same, I have Mcafee installed on my pc and running. It takes up quite a lot of memory and reduces performance. I don't think, it will help at all if we get a virus or spyware in our laptop or phone in any way. But it is just people's thoughts that it protects the device from any sort of a malware or threat.
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