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    Tamil Nadu is gearing up against NEET imposition and wants to cancel it once for all

    Do you support or oppose NEET? Should all States stand up against it? Give your views in this thread.

    With the death of a college student in Tamil Nadu over her lesser percentage in NEET entrance exam held in 2017, the State is against center imposing CBSE syllabus as the curriculum has the base for that entrance exam to which the TN students are not familiar; and thus there is a fear that most of them may not qualify the MBBS or BDS stream and be denied of the big chance. So the TN government is gearing up to garner the support of other states against imposing NEET and wants to cancel the entrance exam once for all and wants to pursue their own way of selecting candidates through state syllabus entrance in future.
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    Yes. In Tamil Nadu it is becoming a big issue. They may be successful also like in the case of jallikattu. In fact from the day one TN is not interested in this as the CBSE syllabus but central government is not at all worried. They are going ahead. Now with this incident in TN, govt. has got a chance to again represent their case before central government. The syllabus for NEET is to be reviewed or the exam is to be conducted as per earlier practice..
    Like earlier practice, they are more interested in conducting their exams on their own and see that their students will also get reasonable seats in colleges. Tamil Nadu people are very strong in getting their wishes fulfilled unlike their counterparts Andhra and Telangana. These people start and forget where as Tamils will start to finish it off. We should learn many things from them

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    Yes. Rightly said DR.N.V.Srinivasa due to the impotency of other Southern states we are bowing our head to the feets of Central govenrment but this is not possible with Tamil people.
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    I hope NEET doesn't get cancelled because it is good to have one exam in all the states so that there is no misuse of private colleges by taking state exams. With the implementation of NEET, it has benefited all the students as they have to prepare only for one exam now so that would, in turn, reduce the stress otherwise they would have to prepare for national level, state level and sometimes even college level. Why not instead have one common exam.

    Cancelling NEET for just a particular state would not be a welcome move.

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    It will be an unfortunate thing if NEET is not continued in Tamilnadu. It will be a bad precedent for the future schemes of Govt.

    Frankly speaking the syllabus of all the intermediate or secondary colleges of India should be same for class XI and XII. There is no point in having a state syllabus and a centre syllabus. No student should find himself inferior to others just because his syllabus is different. This a question of national educational parity and I think it should be taken up on top priority by Govt so that such incident which we are witnessing today in Tamilnadu do not recurr.

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    NEET was started with two specific purposes. 1. To prevent dishonest medical college owners (many of whom are politicians) to fleece students and their guardians after giving admission to students in sub-standard medical colleges; and 2. To provide uniformitty in syllabus.

    The first problem is most rampant in Tamilnadu. Discontinuation of NEET in the state will affect the students of the state most.

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    Why TN is against NEET?
    NEET is conducted by CBSE based on their syllabus. For example, State Board students are studying about Chera Chola Pandiyas and CBSE students are studying about Ashoka. NEET is based on Ashoka means how State Board students will clear the exam? Without common syllabus how can you conduct common entrance test?

    Currently Admission is based on only NEET score but it should be Academic marks + NEET score. NEET score is the only criteria means why should I go for schools intead of that I will join NEET coaching center alone.

    Quality of education wont get improve at all because exams like NEET. Any reform should start from begining which means at school level and then college.


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    There is a need for a review of syllabus of exam of NEET and also the common syllabus all over the country so that few states don't have to face any such problem of syllabus being different and becoming reason hindering admission of students in medical stream.
    But the removal of NEET over a hype that has been created in the state of Tamil Nadu will send a wrong message among young student that suicide can be a way to fulfill their demands and can force government to accept their demands.
    Whereas students should be motivated in a way so that they don't accept defeat and try their best for the next time.
    But instead of resolving the issue with peace our political parties are making the death of a student a political issue to gain vote-banks for themselves.

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