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    Do not worry about what the people think about you, instead worry about yourself.

    There is nothing great than self probing and self analyzing. By doing so we are the critic of ourselves first before others point finger at you. By giving more time towards ourselves and our performance, we are giving more space for understanding ourselves. Normally we get demotivated or go sulking when others talk against us. But this can be over ruled if we are the first critic of ourselves. Moreover people would love you and like you, because you take immediate action to correct yourself and that attitude should continue in all.
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    Self realisation is always better. if you know yourself and analyse your actions and methods thoroughly before you execute your actions, you will have lot of confidence on your acts. One should give sufficient time for assessing and analysing their own plan before execution. Once you do it if some one raises an issue you can directly say what is the difference between your perception and other's views. If you are not fully prepared before execution you may not be able to defend your action.
    In some cases especially it comes to discharge of your duties, you should go as per your boss's mentality. I have seen a person who always feels what he says is correct. If we try to clarify him the problem in his plan he will get upset. He will demand as a Boss that whatever he said was to be implemented. So what I was doing act as per his advice and report him the result. Many time it happened he was wrong we have to change our path. But n way, he is the boss. In such cases your personal thinking may not be accepted unless and otherwise it was proved that the other man was wrong.

    always confident

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    People who do not bother for what others say about them and keep focussed their selves in work and remain busy in self realization and self correction, generally succeed in life.

    The strong person will be unaffected by the things others talk to him or talk about him. He will simply pick the good out of the bad and accept it. Instead of fighting with others he will be examining himself and will find solutions leading to solace and comfort.

    This may appear to be a theoretical proposition but there are people like that and if you minutely observe you can find a few around you.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It cannot be desirable always. We must listen and know what others think and say about us. Some may say bad things while some others may say good about us. So we should listen to one and all. It would help us to know about many of our flaws which we cannot, otherwise, see ourselves.. We should try to amend our shortcomings and improve ourselves.
    However, that should not distract us from our goals by any means.

    I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

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