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    Nirmala Sitaraman - The new defence minister

    Yesterday in the central government 4 ministers were elevated to cabinet rank. 9 new ministers were sworn in. Portfolios of various ministers were changed.
    The most unexpected was giving Defence portfolio to Mrs. Nirmala Sitaraman. Yesterday she was elevated to cabinet rank. Earlier she was holding an independent charge of commerce.
    The general practice is to allot this to one of the senior ministers. Indira Gandhi herself handled this wing when she was the prime minister. Till now in Modi's ministry Arun was holding the additional charge. It is a very bold decision taken by the PM. Generally this portfolio will be in the top of the list of ministers. But today if you see the list her name and this portfolio was 3rd or 4th from the bottom.
    PM is having lot of confidence on this lady. I hope she will stand up to his expectations.
    What are the opinions of other learned members of the ISC.
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    Ms. Nirmala Sitharaman is a no-nonsense administrator. She is very tough, honest with excellent capability to understand the issue quickly. She has done excellently as MoS(Independent) in Ministry of Commerce. She is a alum of JNU and she established ABVP in the university.
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    Yes. Mr. Partha ,I know her background. I have no doubts on her capabilities. This is a very big bet taken by PM. So she has to prove her PM is right in choosing her. The opinions of members on this is solicited.
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    I think the lady is good and hard working. But if the minister has defense knowledge and engineering background would have been better choice.
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    N.K.Sharma, I think she a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering.
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    Highly educated ministers with good background always welcome and I do believe that she will prove her best. She does look like a very strong leader.

    Best Wishes to her.

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    When a lady can become President or Prime Minister of some country I do not see any problem with this elevation specially when she is well known for her administrative capabilities. In additional to that she is highly qualified. I have no doubts about her future performance in this assignment.

    I am seeing it with an angle of women empowerment also and
    it will be a show case for all and prove that they also can work in all the capacities and there is no field left now which is the dominence of males.

    Today India requires honest and hard working cabinet Ministers to take the country to new heights and I think in this context the decision of PM is praiseworthy.

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    Yes Prime Minister Modi has surprised every one by inducting Nirmala Sitharaman as the Defence Minsiter of India and she is the second after Indira Gandhi to occupy the seat. Good that all women team is now guarding the country like Sushma Swaraj as the External Affairs Minsiter and Nirmala as the Defence Minister. With this the PM has sent the signals clear to trouble making neighbors that there is going to be tough actions in future, if any country meddles with the Internal security of this country. These two women are capable of taking tough actions and they going to be tough times to our neighbors.
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    Modi has selected the right people for the right job. Nirmala Sitharaman is one of the bold and courageous lady who can handle the defence department well. I wish her a successful tenure as India's Defence Minister. I am sure, more and more women folks will be recruited into our defence forces.
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    Whether it is a man or woman if the person is capable he should be given the post.
    From the action of the Prime Minister it is very clear that he wants to put competent people at the important places. In fact a knowledgeable person and also a good administrator will definitely perform better in this capacity rather than only a politician.
    The recent cabinet reshuffle is a good indication that the hard working people are being preferred for these coveted posts.
    I have full hope that india will emerge as a leading power in Southeast Asia during the tenure of honorable Nirmala Sitharaman.

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